About Me

As an advanced Bowen & Natural Therapy practitioner, my passion for and absolute dedication to my work grows expedentially on a daily basis.

Bowen Therapy PractitionerAs I continue to develop my practice and expand my skills, I am always blessed to witness the many wonderful outcomes that these natural therapies and energy work can bring about.

For many years I searched for what it was that I was placed on this Earth to accomplish, and of those years I eventually discovered that I was obviously in training for the amazing journey and path that I am now on.

I have studied the beautiful and powerful healing energies of Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers, trained at the Nature Care College for the Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing, investigated Craniosacral Therapy, undergone Crystal Healing workshops, and participated in two of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive Training Workshops to (a) increase my intuitive abilities and knowledge, and, (b) gain better clarity about the metaphysical aspects of my skills, all the while hearing about the Bowen Therapy modality.

Pet Bowen TherapyFinally discovering that this particular modality was part of what I had been searching for, and deciding to take a huge step outside the square and give it a go, I haven’t looked back, and I find myself powering ahead in continual leaps and bounds with joyful abandon.

With great determination and enthusiasm, I continue to hone and expand my knowledge, experience and expertise in the fields that I adore. Further, my love of what I do has allowed me the capability and the resolve to complete so many crucial aspects of my education in a relatively short period of time, and I cannot describe sufficiently enough the absolute delight that I experience on a daily basis whenever I am involved in many diverse aspects of this work.

The quote that continually presents me with inspiration to become more accomplished in this work is as follows :-

Dog Bowen TherapyI must admit that life now has become an exciting and wondrous journey of outstanding personal discovery and inspiration, and through my intuitively guided workshops “Life’s Inner Journeys” and “Stepping Stones to Life”, I now possess the blessing of being able to assist others in their own growth and development towards a better and happier life.

To have the opportunity to finally work in a profession that brings me great joy, and allows me to experience the immense pleasure of assisting my clients to experience relief of pain and stress, whilst working toward their good health, inner harmony and wellbeing, and ultimate inner balance, can only generate in me intense appreciation and gratitude.


"I recognise and respect the divinity that is within you, as it is also within me!"

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