Angel Intuitive Guidance

Being certified as an Advanced Angel Intuitive simply means that I have participated and been recognised for my interactions and abilities in the required workshops conducted by Dr Doreen Virtue, better known as the “Angel Lady”. I currently hold two certificates of recognition for the attendance of both the Angel Intuitive workshop in October 2003 and the Advanced Angel Intuitive workshop in October 2006.

“Dr Doreen Virtue holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D degrees in counselling psychology and was also an administrator of a Women’s Hospital in San Francisco. She is a spiritual doctor of psychology and is the author of more than 20 books including such titles dealing with Angels, Chakras and health and diet.”

Angel Intuitive GuidanceMy personal belief is that there is so much more to us, and our world, than just what we see and are told. And my experiences have been extensive and diverse. I have always felt that I was different, and that I was protected in a metaphysical way, and there have been many, many times that I have experienced situations that couldn’t be logically explained.

We all possess skills (or gifts) other than what the world will easily recognise, and these often come under the heading of psychic or intuitive or spiritual.

You’ve heard the headings. Usually you have one or two senses that are stronger, but basically we do have all.

Clairvoyant – to see energetically. Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see people, objects, or events at a distance.

Clairaudient – to hear energetically. Clairaudients 'hear' messages. Unlike Clairvoyants who 'see' images in their minds' eye, Clairaudients receive information by 'hearing' messages in their minds.

Clairsentient – to feel energetically. The ability to feel and capture information through sensations. Think for a moment. Have you ever experienced a very strong, yet out of the usual feeling when in a certain surrounding, or with a certain person, whom you may have not met before. Perhaps it may be uneasiness, or dislike, or recognition. These are your sensory perceptions and are usually the strongest in most people. Some may call it instinct!

Claircognisant – to automatically know things where there seems to be no logical explanation how or why.

Angel Intuitive GuidanceThere is also smell and taste in the energy or spiritual fields, but these tend to be less mentioned.

Working within these fields brings me a great sense of peace and belonging. Like coming home! This work provides me with great joy and literally makes my heart sing in everything that I do.

It also provides me with a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which I am happy to use in assisting others. There is a huge (and continually growing) support network when working within the healing field. You may have heard mention in daily life the characterization “Lightworkers”. Whatever word you give to the energies, whatever you believe, as long as it works for you, and is not harmful in anyway to yourself or others, then it is right, for you!

And please, even if you don’t believe or are very sceptical (which is healthy by the way), please don’t put down those who utilise their skills and gifts on a daily basis in their desire to be of assistance to others. Whether they are clairvoyants, palm readers, tarot card readers, psychic surgeons, or otherwise, a ‘lightworker’s’ ultimate desire is to be ‘of service’ in a very positive and loving way to humanity and the environment.


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What is Light?

* A form of consciousness or energy that connects everything in the universe.
* It can be felt with your whole being by attuning to unconditional love.
* When you feel this energy it radiates effecting those around you positively - This is called Light Work.

What is a Light Worker?

Angel Intuitive Guidance* In a broad sense anyone who in their heart is committed to helping others grow in love is a Light Worker.
* A Light Worker is a spiritual being who incarnated for the purpose of spreading love and light. Certain situations act as a catalyst for their own awakening and remembrance of what it is they came to earth to do.
* They radiate an amazing presence and through their being a quickening is extended to all they meet.
* They are therefore a catalyst for others growth.
* A person who strongly resonates with the information coming from spirit at this time of ascension.

A quote from Kristal Vaughn - a Light Worker

"I will hold space and energy to create what desires to be done"