animal healing

I must admit that the training to acquire the necessary expertise and skills associated with being of service to the animal has been an exhaustive, motivational and extremely worthy journey for me, with my particular research and comparisons of the magnificent horse, the ever faithful dog, and the clever and oh so independent cat.

The similarities between these animals are many – they all need breath, blood and food in order to function. They all have four legs, fur and a tail. Their cellular and tissue make up is the same. The composition of their Endocrine, Excretory, Muscular, Skeletal, Immune, Lymphatic are basically the same, and yet there are also vast differences between each creature. Their Integumentary system is virtually similar, with the differences being hooves as opposed to pads, paws and claws.

animal healingKeeping this in mind, their special senses remain vastly different with the degrees of their hearing, eyesight and olfactory senses, which are especially individual to their particular needs and environments.

The horse is prey, the cat and dog (and human) predators. Their diets and their digestion differs. Their sizing, heart rates and gestation times differ, as do the number of bones in each individual body. The way they move and the flexibility of their spine is by no way similar. Yet both dog and horse prefer to live communally (as do most human creatures). The only differing agent in their overall community structure belongs to the cat. The dog is happier and more functional in a pack, and the horse in a herd, the cat couldn't care less.

animal healingThe one 'true' factor that brings these extraordinary creatures together in so called unity, is “US”, and the fact that they place themselves in service to, and become companions with, a human creature that sometimes deems themselves far above, (“top of the food chain”) and more often than not, treats them without respect, regard or integrity. And they still stay with us. No wonder there are times that I truly prefer animals to most humans – they are the most honest and uncomplicated. They give so much and ask for so little, and I am truly thankful to have a much greater understanding of them is so many more ways than when I first started my studies.

And yet, what continues to really stand out for me, with all of the many volumes of ANP literature that was required for my study, is the truly outstanding yet very simple aptitude in which each system and organ of the body functions so beautifully and communicably with all other corresponding systems.

Oh if only us humans could work so well together!

And all workings have but one intention, one focus and one goal –
LIFE and the balance thereof!

And here enters the magnificent and healing aspect of truly being of service, without EGO and OF THE HEART, for the benefit of the body and all it encompasses.

Bowenwork®, CCMRT™ and EMRT™ is, to me, truly a transcendental therapy that is always working towards bringing about the balance and harmony, without harm, that was of Mother Nature's original design.

For these inspirations and transformations, I am indebted and inspired; and sense that I have become a much better human creature for the undertaking of these adventures and journeys with animals.

May I always continue to learn more about my animal brothers and sisters in order to provide for them (and us) a much better and healthier quality of life.

Virginia Ede

animal healing


2002 - Reiki I & II Practitioner
2005 - Level 1 Australian Bush Flower Essences
2005 - Advanced Level Bowtech® Bowen Therapy – BAA Membership 9564
2006 – Advanced Level “Doreen Virtue” Angel Intuitive
2008 - Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT™) Practitioner – Equus College of Learning & Research - Member 178
2010 - Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT™) Practitioner – Equus College of Learning & Research - Member 186
2010 – Animal Communication