Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bush Flower Essence remedies can provide an important attribute in that they can easily be combined with other healing modalities.

Australian Bush Flower EssencesThe knowledge and wisdom that is encased within each and every plant within our Australian bush can be of such great assistance in unlocking obstructive attitudes and behaviours, and in assisting the transitions from within that are very important and absolutely necessary for our own wellbeing and growth!

Not only do Australian plants possess great beauty, but they also have great strength and potency. Australia is one of the most unpolluted countries in the world and as such enjoys a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this energy, power and strength and for this reason the flower remedies are often very fast acting and exceptional in their success.

They not only assist in providing emotional support and clarity from within, but also the courage, strength and commitment to pursue one's hopes and dreams.

Australian Bush Flower EssencesNow to you this may all sound slightly ridiculous! That a mere flower or plant can possibly have such a momentous effect on any one individual. But energy is an amazing thing that really has very little limitation except for that which is in our own minds. And keeping this in mind, sometimes it just takes one small energetic reaction, like taking a flower essence, to finally unlock the obstruction and really get things into motion.

The effect can be that the negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind can be released and allows the positive attitudes to flood their core. When this happens, the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissipated, balance is restored and true healing occurs.

Australian Bush Flower EssencesThankfully, we are now starting to truly comprehend that an individualís emotional wellbeing is a significant factor of good health in the whole person. It is important to note that the whole family including pets can safely use flower Essences -- They work equally as powerfully on animals as well as on humans, and perhaps the most widely used essence across the board is the Emergency Essence.

As a Bush Essence Practitioner, I am capable of preparing specific remedies for each individual, as they are required, through a process of meditation and Divine guidance. This simple process allocates certain essential flower essences that hones in on the specific needs of each recipient.

If you decide that emotional balance, and spiritual and mental harmony are what you require at this point of your journey, then please feel free to contact me for your own personal blend.

Australian Bush Flower Essences