My Bowen Therapy


Central Coast Bowen TherapyThis beautiful and innovative therapy is extremely difficult to describe to any one person who has never experienced it personally, as it is really like no other therapy! Really the only way I can give you any indication of what is involved, is to state that it is sort of like accupressure or accupuncture, but without the needles. And please understand that although this therapy is very often described as gentle and non invasive, it is also, in my experience, extremely successful and powerful in addressing so many issues that the body endures. And so, I will attempt to present you with some description that may still not explain to you what Bowen is, but will give you some information on what it does!

If you truly wish to know more about Bowen Therapy, I happily invite you to experience this sensational therapy for yourself!

Bowen Therapy consists of a sequence of very specific, yet gentle moves that travel across tendons, muscles, organs and fascia throughout the body. As a practitioner, I utilise only my thumbs and fingers to make gentle rolling moves, often over acupressure points and energetic meridian lines, which aim to disturb the muscles and energy pathways within the recipient’s body. To me these actions resemble the gentle strumming of the individual strings of a guitar that results in resonating musical vibrations into the atmosphere.

These actions send energetic ripples across the central nervous system, travelling throughout the body stimulating the process of making the required adjustments that help to rebalance, relieve tension and reduce pain. There are no manipulations or adjustments of hard tissue (these are not necessary) and this technique is not a form of massage. Bowen is definitely amazing in that it effortlessly stimulates the body in countless ways that promote healing, pain relief and the recovery of energy.

Central Coast Bowen TherapyI most certainly do understand that to you, the client, it may seem that very little is actually being done as this therapy is so gentle and non invasive, however, just as it doesn't require much physical energy to simply turn on the household light switch, so too does it only require a light touch on the human form to initiate powerful responses into motion. Each specific move is the gentle switching on of the body’s own healing switches from within. And the results are very often astounding.

How does it Work?

It is very important for you to understand that our physical bodies are indeed a miraculous and finely tuned, intelligent living organism comprised of many specific systems. Each system, within each physical and energetic body, works complementary and harmoniously with each of its neighbouring systems, and these are ALWAYS, and in all ways, working towards balance and harmony!

Central Coast Bowen TherapyHomeoastis is a state of balance within the body, that is, the internal processes of the body are always working towards maintaining stability under constant fluctuating environmental (eg, heat and cold) and psychological circumstances (emotional stress).

Sorry to say that there are no absolutes in explaining exactly how this magnificent therapy works, as it embraces so many varying fields – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! One idea is that Bowen simply connects the parts of the body with the brain, using the many receptors scattered throughout the body. The moves resonate messages to the brain, (similar to entering a new programme into your computer system) which then initiates the process of inner examination, the realization that action is required, the information is then formulated and the process of homeostasis, (or internal integrity) is restored.

It is important to state that the body is extremely capable of amazing curative outcomes, and the physical input from the practitioner to the recipient is merely a form of communication and ignition of a process! It is therefore completely up to the recipient as to whether this communication is accepted or not.

What Makes My Bowen Different?

 Bowen TherapyThere are now so many modalities and therapies that ultimately inflict the will of the therapist upon the recipient. That is, a diagnosis is conducted and the treatment given accordingly to that diagnosis.

Bowen is essentially about allowing the individual’s body the space to formulate what is actually wrong, and what is the best method that is required in order to go about rectifying it.

 Bowen TherapyThink on this.…you cut your finger and it bleeds. This process cleans the wound of most impurities, the blood then congeals and seals the wound, a scab forms protecting the sensitive element and within a short period of time the wound has healed. So too is your body’s internal capacity to heal. In fact, every single feature of your body is consistently working in a beautiful partnership in order for you to live a healthy and balanced life. Sounds that simple? It can be!

In essence, Bowen permits the opportunity for the client’s body to select exactly what it needs, rather than a set of symptoms being thrust upon it through a series of diagnoses.

Bowen is consistently referred to as ‘complementary’ modality, which means it is to enhance and harmonize. Bowen is definitely NOT a substitute for medical advice, and the Bowen practitioner will make sure that you have researched the medical field first.

What Makes Me Different from Other Practitioners?

 Bowen Therapy PractionerFirst and foremost, I am absolutely passionate about, and dedicated to what I do. In my mind, no-one should endure ongoing stress, discomfort or pain, and so it becomes my greatest desire to assist my clients in achieving relief as quickly as possible. However, no one therapy is all things to all people, and as each of my clients are important to me in their wellbeing, I will endeavour to ensure that they receive the best and most successful treatment possible, even when that means referring them on!

Further, over the last few years I have undergone intensive and extremely rigorous study and training upon people, AND more recently on animals. This has initiated a more heightened sensitivity and intuitive perception and I find that I am now more capable of communicating with each client’s complex body systems on a deeper and more profound level.

This ensures that I am actually focussing upon addressing the cause of the problem or discomfort, rather than just the symptom.

What conditions can be treated?

There is a profoundly long list of conditions that have been successfully treated with Bowen, and the reason being, the Bowen practitioner does not necessarily treat the condition, but rather treats the person. The treatment is offered to the body and it is given a choice, if the treatment is accepted and responds, then the condition is addressed. Some examples of conditions are as follows :-

MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN (such as back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, neck & shoulders, RSI carpal tunnel, fibro myalgia, arthritic pain, gait disorders, hernia, irregular leg length, groin strain, pelvic tilt, knee & hip restrictions, TMJ syndrome, migraines, headaches)

SPORTS INJURIES (such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee, ankle & foot problems, groin strain, pelvic tilt, arthritic pain).

PREGNANCY DISCOMFORT & CARE (such as sacral lower back discomfort, nausea, circulation, lymphatic drainage).

BABIES & CHILDREN (such as colic, bedwetting, allergies, asthma, sports injuries and accidents, obesity, ear problems, jaw problems).

GYNAECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS (such as PMS, menopause, infertility male/female, mastitis, breast lumps, thrush, menstrual irregularities).

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS (such as hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies).

DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS (such as colic, Crohn’s Disease, indigestion, gall stones, constipation & other bowel problems).

THE ELDERLY (such as incontinence, allergies, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart conditions, asthma, circulation, thyroid, vision & hearing problems).

 Bowen Therapy