Crystals and Vibrational Harmony

Crystal healing is a form of energy or vibrational healing that utilises crystals or gemstones.

Crystals and Vibrational HarmonyCertain stones may be placed on specific areas of the body called the chakras. It has been said that Crystals direct the flow of energy through the person to a particular part of the body, which can bring about balance to the overall energy, and they can also be used to cleanse negative energy. Crystals are used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Additionally, crystals can be worn or placed in specific areas or locations to encourage the attraction of positivity, health, calm and harmony.

Our World and Universe is beautiful and amazing, and everything in it, even if it is supposedly solid, emits a vibrational energy and possesses a mathematical equation. In fact every living organism also has a vibrational energy, which can be represented as chakras, energy meridians (energetic pathways within the body) and auric fields.

Crystals and Vibrational HarmonyIn my experience, Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but they are very powerful healing tools. Although they seem to present themselves as inert objects, they are very much ALIVE and brimming with, and are conduits of, ENERGY.

In their creation they were formed from huge energetic forces of nature such as heat, friction, cold etc, and they have been a part of our planet for many billions of years. Everything that is present within this Universe is energy and has a vibration. As mentioned in the above quote, crystals have a great many uses, and are utilised in many varying ways to heal, enhance and boost the quality of our lives. As part of expanding my creative abilities in the therapeutic and energetic domain, I now happily create simply designed and attractive jewellery, that include the beautiful and potent healing qualities of specific crystals. These may be created especially for you at your request!

Crystals and Vibrational Harmony