Animal Bowen Therapy- Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy™

Virginia & DogsI must admit that I have always had an extreme passion when it comes to animals; and when I was given the unique opportunity to train to be a Bowtech® recognised animal Bowen practitioner, I immediately jumped at the chance. The study for these particular qualifications is extensive and meticulous, and has spanned over a period of two years, and I am proud and honoured to have specifically trained and certify in this field.

The journey and education has definitely been humbling yet incredible, and my belief is that because of this I have become a better and more perceptive human practitioner.

As a privileged pet owner and guardian of a number of rescued dogs and cats; an active member of a local rescue organisation; and an animal practitioner, I happily do not take my responsibilities lightly and I am continually investigating the best methods in which to ensure that the animals that come into my care are treated with respect and professional care.

dogsTo me ALL animals are a priceless gift and who else has the power to give you unlimited love and appreciation, companionship and unconditional love every single day of its life? They are not concerned whether you are fat or thin, tall or short or are even having a bad hair day! They accept you for the persona and energy that you are. And you cannot fool them! They will know exactly how you are feeling, even before you do!

This is why they become so important in many lives.

Further, it remains extremely important to remember that animals are just that……animals. Active, athletic, instinctual and very perceptive. They are not little people, even though we sometimes treat them as such, and they do not think like humans, even though we often wish that they would.

Because they are so active in their daily lives, it can be very easy for them to injure themselves, and very often not show that they are hurt or have a problem. If an injury such as a muscle spasm continues without relief, it may very well lead to a further breakdown somewhere else in the body and this can create additional problems. Some untreated injuries can sometimes result in problematic long-term concerns such as behavioural issues.

This is where I come in!

Virginia and dogsMy speciality lies in providing practical results through a non-invasive and gentle method when addressing many physical difficulties. This allows the animal to do what comes very naturally…. achieving the necessary balance and healing that ultimately promotes better health and well being in the whole animal.

Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ (better known as Bowtech® recognised Bowen Therapy for Animals), although very gentle, is more than capable of activating the relaxation response of the muscle, assisting in the correction of the constrictions of fascia and tissue, freeing congestion, releasing toxins and allowing the return of the circulation of the necessary nutrients that are beneficial to the overall health of the animal.

Throughout my work I have discovered that the animals that I have treated (including my own) have responded extremely well and relatively quickly. Further, as they are purely instinctual and non-judgemental, this therapy either works for them, or it does not! The beauty of when this treatment is working as it should, it actually shows!


This little girl is 8 yrs old and had chronic ear problems and a nasty tumour on her teats. Firstly, she required the essential surgery on her ears and a mastectomy, and then Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ to aid her in her swift recovery and bring her back to good health and condition.

Further, know that any situation that is to do with pain and stress, including arthritis, injury or surgery recovery, may be addressed by this beautiful therapy.

However, I must emphatically stress that my work is to complement the veterinary professionals. This therapy is to purely assist and does not overturn or replace veterinary advice.

dogIt is always my intent to provide a professional service of care for our animal friends with the focus being upon addressing the actual source of the discomfort or pain, and assisting the recipient to achieve relief, better health and overall well being and harmony.

The Treatment

I will spend time chatting with you in a relaxed consultation in order to gain a profile and a history of your pet. This introduction will also allow your pet the opportunity and time to check me out in an easy and non-threatening way. Being instinctive creatures, it won’t take very long before they determine that I am a friend who is there to help them.

I will assess your pet both visually and physically before starting any treatment. If your pet is a dog, I will watch it moving around both naturally and with encouragement. I will then run my hand over the physical form to continue my assessment and determine what is going on in the body.

Virginia and catThe treatment will take approximately one hour or so, however, the animal will be the one who dictates the speed and length of the treatment.
As in human Bowen, there are frequent breaks in which the body is allowed to process and then commence the initiation of the repair and healing.

Responses during treatment

- Often the animal will go to a quiet corner and lay for a few minutes before returning.
- Licking or nibbling at areas on the body that has just been worked upon.
- Yawning, licking, panting, twitching or chewing.
- Going into a very deep sleep

I quickly connect with the animal and gently work with them, which is extremely beneficial in the effectiveness of the treatment.

I will also give you aftercare advice for your pet which will include support with any questions or concerns, or to consult your veterinary surgeon.

Some of the visual physical responses that may be noticed after a treatment -

Relaxation – Our pets may look like they have gained weight due to muscle relaxation and they may appear calmer and relaxed.

Condition – The coat can become fuller and softer and can exhibit shine and a change or deepening of colour.

Behaviour – Our pet can become more relaxed and happier in their personality due to subsequent relief in pain and stress.

Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ can ultimately become one the best investments you can make in your pet's ongoing health care.

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