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An outstanding therapeutic treatment following on from the human Bowen Technique came the development by Alison Goward, Principal of the Equus College of Learning and Research, of Equine Muscle Release Therapy™ in 1990, and Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ in 1997.


The research and development of these practices were established from the understanding that horses, dog and cats, often experience stresses and strains to the body that if left untreated will eventually lead to breakdown somewhere in the body, either physical or emotional, which can then ultimately lead to behavioural!


These very specific therapies are designed to facilitate the healing of the body in whatever way is required, thereby returning to balance harmony and well-being.



Horses are superb athletes, and as such they often put their bodies through many stresses and strains on a daily basis.


The difference between us requiring treatment and the horse is that she is unable to let you know in a language that we can understand, just exactly where the pain is, and how much it hurts. She may appear to be fine physically, but could start to act up as soon as that saddle is placed on her back, or the bit in her mouth. It sometimes takes that specifically trained eye, or hand, to pick up exactly what is happening, that otherwise wouldn't be noticed.



EMRT™ basically works through the body via the fascial and neural pathways transmitting messages from the body to the brain in order to commence the process of naturally bringing the body back into its natural state of balance, and ultimately promoting a return to health.


It stimulates soft tissue, releases and separates muscular fibres, boosts hydration and the metabolic processes to all soft tissue within the physical body. It can initiate increased circulation and lymphatic flow; stimulate the central nervous system responses and works closely with the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian and acupressure systems.


This technique possesses the innate capability of addressing an extensive range of conditions, actually addressing the cause or origin of the afflicting issue, which ultimately then focuses on caring for the WHOLE body, and facilitating the responses necessary that work upon all the crucial function systems of the body.


It may also be employed to accelerate flexibility and mobility before and after a competition for performance animals.  An equine athlete having received EMRT™ previously, may receive a ‘Bandaid’ or ‘Mini’ treatment on the day of an event (or after) to increase circulation and general suppleness without compromising execution of the sport.  

Also, pre-cautionary or preventative treatment program may also be planned to ensure ongoing balanced condition, performance and good health.




The response to this treatment initiates an interaction of the body systems which can improve muscular range of motion and joint mobility, relieve acute and chronic musculo-skeletal pain, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system, improve nutrient intake, increase the recovery time from Injury, illness and surgery and much more.


Conditions that have responded well to EMRT™ :

- Muscular atrophy
- Not Tracking Up
- Neck and Poll Restrictions (head shy, resistance or shaking)
- Uneven Stride
- Lacking Balance
- General Soreness
- Reluctance to Canter
- Girthing Problems
- Lameness
- “Cold back” or sore back
- Deterioration in performance or uncharacteristic change in temperament
- Uneven wear of shoes
- Hindquarter, Stifle or Shoulder stiffness
- Lactic Acid retention


IMPORTANT - EMRT™ is complementary to traditional veterinary medicine, and is definitely not a replacement for veterinary advice.

When in doubt, ALWAYS call your vet out!


Good health can only really be initiated at a cellular level, as cells are the absolute structural units of the physical body.  Oxygen, fluids and nutrients are utilised to function and repair, whilst fluids are transported within the body to assist in the delivery of these functions as well as removing the toxins and waste through the organs.


Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ is a non invasive, unique hands on remedial therapy that promotes this movement of blood and lymph and the hydration of the muscles.


It is also highly effective in addressing a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, covering both physical and emotional issues.  Due to the factor that cats and dogs can be very active in their daily lives, it can be very easy for them to injure themselves, and very often not show that they are hurt or have a problem. If an injury such as muscular tension or spasm continues without relief, it may very well lead to a further breakdown somewhere else in the body and this can definitely create additional problems such as behavioural issues.


Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy™ although gentle, is very capable of activating the relaxation response of the muscle, assisting in the correction of the constrictions of fascia and tissue, freeing congestion, releasing toxins and allowing the return of the circulation of the necessary nutrients that are beneficial to the overall health of the animal.

Responses during treatment

- Sometimes during a treatment, they will go to a quiet corner and lay for a few minutes before returning.
- Licking or nibbling at areas on the body that has just been worked upon.
- Yawning, licking, panting, twitching or chewing.
- Going into a very deep sleep

** Aftercare service is provided including answering of queries or support in any concerns.


Some of the visual physical responses that you notice during or after a treatment -

Relaxation – Our pets may look like they have gained weight due to muscle relaxation and they may appear calmer and relaxed.

Condition – The coat can become fuller and softer and can exhibit shine and a change or deepening of colour.

Behaviour – Our pet can become more relaxed and happier in their personality due to subsequent relief in pain and stress.



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