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"Horses are like magnets for humans. People of all ages are drawn to the horse because of their beauty, grace, power, majestic stature and the mystery of their noble being. It’s been that way throughout recorded history. In modern times, it has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes the brain wave patterns of humans, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. We calm down and become more centred and focused in the present moment when we are around horses.


We are transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. It is no wonder that the beneficial effects of positive and appropriate interaction with horses should prove extremely beneficial and life enriching to grownups and children alike."

Franklin Levinson

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A MORNING WITH HORSES - An Introduction to Connection

Are you scared of horses?  Do they make you nervous?  Are you worried when in their presence?  Do they make you feel extremely uncomfortable but perhaps you would like to get over this fear?


These concerns are all extremely natural as our human preservation is always a huge priority and horses are such large animals and have often been described as being very unpredictable! 


Being prey animals they can react in the blink of an eye – this is why they have successfully evolved for over 50 million years.


However, they also have the amazing capacity to calm and even heal us too, once you get over the worry of their size and what they may or may not do!


In order to get over the fear we need to understand these amazing creatures and realise that you can actually keep yourself safe when you know how to interpret their behaviours and physical signs.


This is what Introduction to Connection with Horses is all about. 


A half day workshop just for you to get you know them (and may be you) much better – up close and personal. 


And perhaps….. just perhaps that fear, concern and worry will have disappeared by the time you are leaving and you may have gained greater confidence within yourself.

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Awakenings through the Wisdom of Horse

Did you grow up shy, perhaps spending a lot of time in your own company, finding it difficult to relate to others or communicate your feelings?


Have had experiences that encouraged you to keep to yourself?

Have you little self confidence, constantly questioning your decisions?

Perhaps, through these same life encounters, you possess low self esteem and so tend to permit other's to make decisions that affect you and your life?

Do you have a belief that your contribution to the world is of little importance?


You are NOT alone in these beliefs and you can have the opportunity to share your personal encounters and beliefs with another who will not judge or ridicule you.  Wouldn't that be amazing!

This is where an equine encounter can greatly assist where other approaches may not!  Horses have the natural ability to open a part of ourselves that we may find difficult to open, resulting in changing the course of your life!


They can show you what you need to know in totally non judgemental, compassionate and altruistic ways, so that you can choose to interact in this world in a much more confident and assertive way.

What can we do for you? 

> Guide you to actively listen to your inner wisdom which has the ability to transform your current life experiences;

> Discover the part of you that brings inner peace and emotional healing;

> Gain deeper understanding of your personal reactions and struggles;

> Rediscover your own inner power, self worth and awareness of the beautiful individual that you really are!

These are NON RIDING experiences that provide you with a safe space for deep discovery and inner reflection within the surrounds of beautiful Mother Nature.


These connections and interactions with horses show us that we are capable of restoring and reigniting our wonder of our world and awaken in us the understanding that all things are possible!

Horse show you ways of stepping outside the boundaries of limitation, restriction and self sabotage and it is here with these amazing teachers that you can learn to recognise the signs!

Sounds remarkable and miraculous?  Magic happens at this safe haven where you can finally be acknowledged, accepted as well as welcomed, and be absolutely free to express who you really are! 


This is our intention for you!​​


Horses are prey animals and possess a natural ability to utilise all of their senses to evaluate and appraise their environment and surroundings for their continued survival and ultimate well being.  


Their highly attuned abilities of perception and keen sensitivity can reflect the human individual’s state of being, thereby presenting us with a greater ability to become aware of what we need to observe in our thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to begin the healing journey.


Further, a horse’s heart has the ability to affect the human heart in various positive and emotional ways.  They transmit subtle signals that encourage us, support us and provide us with the motivation to move forward to our own positive transformation.


They respond to us as the unique individuals that we are, and recognise us at our deepest level and accepting us without prejudice.  When we interact with horses, we often experience a moving as well as empowering connection and resonance.


Interaction with these magnificent spiritual beings can more often than not initiate personal expansion, growth and ultimately empowerment; reawakening our forgotten or unrealised capabilities. 


And they do this naturally and without judgement!

“Sometimes it just takes a little INSPIRATION in order to

Bring about a TRANSFORMATION!”
                                                                          Virginia Ede



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Personal Skills for Life Changing Experiences through Horse Medicine

This is your time!

Take a deep breath, allow it to fill your being and let your body and mind relax!  

Drop your concerns, worries and anxieties - leave them at the gate and give yourself time out to actually rediscover what it is to enjoy living in the moment in a fun environment with some pretty amazing wise and spiritual beings!

The deep wisdom and spirit of our horses have the inherent ability to capture your imagination and inspiration and draw you in and capture your heart.

Rather than remaining on the intellectual level of merely viewing the horse on a physical perspective, there is the invitation to venture on a journey of discovery from their perspective and how they have the ability to affect us in very positive ways.

"Horses are likely to have a ′′ coherent ′′ heart rate pattern that explains why we can ′′ feel better ′′ when we're close to them. This is a measure of well-being and emotional states of calm and joy- when we feel positive emotions."


You will -

>  gain deeper understanding of yourself and your reactions to 'life'';

>  discover the ever present world of energy and spirit;

>  rediscover the magic of listening AND hearing, interacting and feeling, rather than remaining just an observer;

> find the healing place of peace as well as becoming aware of a deeper connection with something greater than yourself;

> experience an innovative, fun and unique way to self development, empowerment and personal growth.

​​You are invited to develop a deeper feeling of trust within yourself, and through the guidance of our horses, enter your own healing journey in how you think of yourself and how you present yourself to others. 

In understanding what the horse has to share with you, with you knowing more about him/her, you begin walking a much more optimistic and individual pathway towards a happier way of being!


"I am horse.
My name does not matter.
It is what and who I am that matters!


You see me through many eyes and some are true; others are what I allow you to believe.

In history I have been made a mystical creature, capable of flight and magic, and in so many ways, ways that you would need your heart and imagination, I am that which you describe me to be!

I reside in the here and the now……. A very powerful place where nothing is hidden and all is ready to be known.

I invite you here….. to join me into my world and I do this because of your oh so precious heart!

It is to this that I am drawn.
Not who you believe yourself to be! You are so much more!

I see you….. better yet I FEEL you…. Deeply!
You cannot hide yourself from me – your energy touches me.

My heart reaches for yours and if you let me, we can become one, even for the shortest period of time and with this you can begin to heal!

I know you and I will take you on a journey where you will discover yourself. This I can promise!

Come with me and I will lead to a magical place where anything and everything is possible.

It’s where I live!"


“A horse will reflect exactly what you need to see about yourself.

Are you brave enough to ask?

Are you strong enough to listen?

Are you humble enough to learn?” 

                                                                          ~ unknown

MARY - "I saw the 'Introduction to Connection with Horses' course advertised and I was really drawn to it.

I wasn't sure what I was going to get out of it if anything, I just knew I needed to be there. 


Its hard to put into words what I received from being with these amazing animals but I know it was transforming on many levels, their energy, their ability to know what you are thinking and feeling.


I know that everyone will get their own experience from this day but I can tell you that on some level you will leave there at the end of the day a different person."

CAROL - "What an amazing day at Maggie's Farm Sanctuary.

The care, understanding and compassion Virginia has for animals is truly wonderful.


Virginia has shown me how to understand, interpret and respect their body language which in itself is such an eye opener. The love that emits from these beautiful horses truly goes right to your heart. I left feeling uplifted and very calm.


Thank you Virginia and Phil for another day I won't forget."

ALISON - “My time at Maggie's Farm was truly magical...


Virginia, Phil and their beautiful animal family made me feel so welcome. After an intimate chat over a cup of tea I was feeling well at home. Virginia created a safe place for me to be myself and talk about the different things I was experiencing in my life. When it was time to visit the horses I was a little hesitant but that soon changed once they welcomed me into their herd. I have seen and read information about equine assisted therapies, but to experience it first hand was something else!!!


I came away from the day with clarity and direction. The horses invited me to take a really close look at myself...warts and all. Somehow it went down a lot easier when it came from their equine hearts. I know this day was significant for my own personal journey and spiritual growth and I look forward to learning and experiencing even more with Virginia.


Thank you so much."

Watercolor Butterfly 7
Watercolor Butterfly 7


Met You and Phil + Some amazing people
Spent time with the equine tribe and the rest of your furry and feathered family

I actually rocked up in my riding gear that day thinking we’d be riding horses etc ........
Virginia just winked and smiled

Quick cuppa on the porch before heading out into the paddock........ And just wow

Through your guidance, knowledge and wisdom, Virginia Ede...

You Some how you led me back to myself that day in the Paddock

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Best day ever.........

This date promises to be enjoyable, magical and heart warming you say ?

I’d say- life changing

Just amazing.  My life has changed in so many ways since that day.......Forever grateful

Keep the kettle hot.  I’ll pop in next time I’m passing through x

Trennah Rose Portelli

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