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What has Love got to do with Anything?

Well as a matter of fact, it has got to do with absolutely everything!

Its effects are experienced in oh so many ways and even when we close ourselves off from it, through disappointment, hurt, pain, anger and frustration, we are still greatly, intensely and passionately affected by it – or lack of it.

The wonder of it is that we generally search outside of ourselves to discover what love is. And we tend to gravitate to those who we believe will best be able to give it to us – or a figment of it that is!

Why then are we so often disappointed and let down?

Generally because no one individual can give us what we truly need or, we will never believe that we are that lovable – unless of course, we have discovered that ‘magic’ formula’!

But the love that is most needed, required and yearned for is just within our own grasp. Although we look outside of ourselves, it is conspicuous in its waiting within our own selves – just waiting to be noticed, admired, embraced and respected.

Love – just how powerful is it? Now there’s a question if ever I heard one!

Only just recently I watched the latest “Wonder Woman” movie and as I am entranced by most of the DC and Marvel Comic reproductions with their wonderful technical effects, I really enjoyed this one as it was not only action packed but also sent a really powerful message.

Although this story encompassed distrust, evil, war, death and destruction as well as unquenchable power grasping villains, the message in the end was so very powerful and provoking that the moral of all that went before hit home, if you only took the time to notice it.

When encouraged to do her worst against mankind as it was what they deserved; Diana’s reply was that it didn’t matter what was deserved but what is believed, ‘and I believe in love’!

I won’t spoil the movie here by disclosing the ending, but will only sum up my interpretation. Love is capable of creating many powerful things.

It can make us feel, no matter what - we cannot but feel! And that is the word that commands great impact – FEEL.

With love we may feel more powerful, more courageous, stronger, brighter, cleverer; able to undertake inordinate risks, feel greatly supported, invincible, joyous and often humbled!

On the other hand, what if you experience lack of love?

Well, you are still feeling but it’s the flip side. You may experience being fearful, disempowered, encumbered, weak, unhappy, angry, hateful and most of all..alone!

However, you are still feeling! And it takes a choice.... your choice.... as to which one you wish to experience. You cannot turn away from it no matter how much you try, as our heart will always tell us the truth, …it will always tell us how we FEEL in all situations!

Closing off our hearts, shutting down, guarding and protecting it will only serve to provide us with the result that we are trying so hard not to experience, and that is the experience of pain and hurt. Sounds like I perhaps know this experience personally? Yep, you are darned tooting I do!

And as you will already perhaps have an understanding of – no other being can give you exactly what you need, it is not in their power to do so. However, if you begin to follow the path of learning to love, appreciate and respect your SELF, then the other loves in your life become icing on the cake. They enhance not replace!

And there are so many loves in life – love the taste, love the experience, love the feeling, love the person, love the book and so on, however nothing quite reveals to what depths loving of the self can accomplish!

Magic Formula

♥ Discount all of those descriptions of selfish that others so happily project on to you – ‘you are being selfish because you are not doing what I want’ for example and know that self – ish is self explanatory. All that you do for self is ish and not necessarily a bad thing!

♥ Begin to look at yourself with new or if you can - objective eyes. The most difficult thing to do is look in the mirror – not at your wrinkles, or marks, or pimples but really look....if you can.... deep into your own eyes. There is a being inside of you that you have to yet acknowledge – not the one that others want you to be, but the individual that you want to be, or already are!

♥ Ask yourself - What do you think makes you so unlovable. Perhaps write them down and then look for the opposite of those descriptions and reintroduce those into your belief system.

♥ Become the individual that you are wanting others so much to admire or love. It is a very old saying, ‘how can you expect others to love you if you don’t’!? And love is a very powerful word but is not unreachable. Love is a deep emotion, just as fear and hate and anger and happiness are deep emotions. One feels really, really good and the others not so!

♥ Create an affirmation of something that you sincerely want in your life right now…… no not a new boyfriend or girlfriend….. but something much deeper that encompasses so much more than that. How would you like your life, your job, your relationship, your health, your life to be? And make it a current statement of affirmation. Such as – ‘I am now experiencing perfect health’, or ‘Every day in every way my health just gets better and better’.

♥ Make the decision to begin to see the beauty that surrounds you instead of just walking by it. Look at it, truly look at it and acknowledge its presence – the more that you do this the more beauty will make itself known to you.

Have you realised that really there is no magic formula or recipe, just a series of realisations, acknowledgements and actions in turning thoughts and emotions into nicer, more positive acclamations.

It’s about changing thought patterns, belief systems, vocalisations and taking responsibility for you and only you. YOU are the only one that can change YOU! By taking these actions, things begin to change and as you see parts of your life change for the better, then you may just begin to like yourself a little better.

And before you know it, you begin to respect yourself a little more, leading to a little more self confidence, self esteem and finally self love.

Notice all the selfs and these are ALL ishes!

No one else can do this for you, or provide this for you. It’s all in your own self ‘control’. And when you finally get to self love – the world then becomes a better, more beautiful and 'heaven forbid' enjoyable place that has so much more to offer!

Go on – give it a go!


Introducing myself - I am Virginia Ede and am one half of the human carer and guardian element of Maggies Farm Sanctuary! The other half is my wonderful husband Phil!

Other than my passion for Mother Nature and her Animal Kingdom, my other loves are my 'work' as a qualified Natural Therapies practitioner; 'working WITH our rescue animals in assisting humans on their healing journey and creating new and empowered ways of living life the way that it is meant to be lived.

I have achieved Diploma Level in Bowen Therapy, certification in Cat, Canine and Equine Muscle Release Therapy™, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Reiki I & II Therapy, as well as life long skills in Intuitive Guidance, Equine Interactive Connections and Guidance - which I have called “Edequine Hoofprints to Life” and 'Edequine Connexionz', and am in the process of expanding my Animal Awareness and Insights programs.

In additional to animal connections, I also offer participation in such workshops and one on one interaction in Personal Empowerment and Lifestyle Transformation, Animal Interactive Approach and Behavioural Education and connection as Your Personal Empowerment Guide and Coach.

If you are interested in discovering more of what we have to offer, or would like to share an adventure, just let me know!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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