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Animals in my 'book' are absolutely amazing with their innate capacity of connecting us to our own inner being; our compassion; our individuality and inevitably, when we are ready, initiate transformation and healing.

Animals can assist us on a journey that is about being able to repair ourselves and actually teach us that living in the moment can ultimately initiate harmony, serenity and connection.

They can offer us a simple yet intoxicating remedy for our hectic and overly stressful lives.

As an animal therapeutic practitioner, I have discovered over the years just how much loving, caring for AND respecting the nature of an animal can positively impact upon so many aspects of life.

What’s Important

All animals reside in the present and are not concerned at all about what is happening in the past or the future. They don’t experience the stress of what may happen, what could happen and what will happen! Their lives revolve around what is important for them right here and right now!

BEING more present gives you the ability to go with the flow of nature, resulting in the expansion of our consciousness without the usual predetermined expectations.

As our consciousness grows, there begins a new perception to fresh possibilities, innovative ideas, different experiences and a new way of viewing our world, encouraging inner growth and repelling habitual narrow-mindedness.

BEING present is the basis and building block for compassion, inner calm and well-being, which enhances the potential of serenity whilst diminishing anger, violence and worry.

Animals such as horses teach us to be aware, assess a situation, find a solution and go back to just being in the present. They teach us that living in the moment can bring us peace, serenity and contentment.


Have you ever really taken notice of just how extremely aware animals are of and what is happening in their environment - especially the prey animal? If they do not remain vigilant at all times, the result may be a serious outcome - weather changes, attack from a predator, the approach of man!

The same goes for us too. We get so caught up in our head space that we can often walk around in an absolute daze! If we continue to remain unaware or non-attentive, we inevitably risk missing very important opportunities in life such as synchronicity, relationship, expansive opportunities and development.

In fact, when we do choose to become more attentive, we are able to become more cognizant and focused. As awareness grows, distractions and stress diminish and we begin to return to simplicity and the importance of life without anxieties and agitation!

In order for this to occur, we need to become more open minded and really begin listening and taking notice of what is going on around us. A skill that I have found to most useful is to pay attention to the language of expressions and non-verbal signals. It is not that difficult if you take the time to learn what is being 'said' and what they have to tell us which will, in due course, also increase our awareness.


It is an unfortunate factor that, through defensive behaviour and mistrust, we have moved so very far away from permitting ourselves to actually bond deeply with another being, be it 2 legged or 4.

This can result in disassociating from the more important aspects of life in order to ‘feel worthy’ in the eyes or views of another. We can discover that by just taking a moment to watch, listen and respond, BEING is just as important as the doing!

We can learn from the animal kingdom to LIVE in the present, nurture relationships, follow one’s emotions and intuitions, realize that the journey is much more valuable than any of the destinations; and that truly co-operating with others is intensely more gratifying rather than entering into the winner/loser competitive behaviour.

Unintentionally, residing in the habitual ‘busy brain’ practice can actually affect us in so many numerous negative ways, particularly when we get so caught up in achieving a goal or desire (such as acquiring a placing in a competition), that we lose the actual enjoyment of the objective.

So basically what are some of the important skills that we can learn from the wisdom of animals?

Communication is Paramount - that means Listening AND Hearing as well as speaking and acting!

Understanding and Being Authentic in Your Social Structure

Being Aware of Your Behaviour and Body Language

Learning to become Present, Mindful and Aware

Becoming Open to Learning and Introducing New things into your every day experience

Discover the beauty and the Power of Connection from the Heart

and most of all -

Be True to Who You Really are with self respect and integrity.

Being so closely inter connected with a variety of animals on a daily basis has greatly enhanced the experience and adventure that is life! And I highly recommend it!


Introducing myself - I am Virginia Ede and am one half of the human carer and guardian element of Maggies Farm Sanctuary! The other half is my wonderful husband Phil!

Other than my passion for Mother Nature and her Animal Kingdom, my other loves are my 'work' as a qualified Natural Therapies practitioner; 'working WITH our rescue animals in assisting humans on their healing journey and creating new and empowered ways of living life the way that it is meant to be lived.

I have achieved Diploma Level in Bowen Therapy, certification in Cat, Canine and Equine Muscle Release Therapy™, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Reiki I & II Therapy, as well as life long skills in Intuitive Guidance, Equine Interactive Connections and Guidance - which I have called “Edequine Hoofprints to Life” and 'Edequine Connexionz', and am in the process of expanding my Animal Awareness and Insights programs.

In additional to animal connections, I also offer participation in such workshops and one on one interaction in Personal Empowerment and Lifestyle Transformation, Animal Interactive Approach and Behavioural Education and connection as Your Personal Empowerment Guide and Coach.

If you are interested in discovering more of what we have to offer, or would like to share an adventure, just let me know!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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