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Discernment for the New Year 2019

I was going through my emails early this morning, (2018 New Years eve) as I do every morning before heading out to perform my usual daily chores of feeding all of our animals on Maggies Farm, and I came across a beautiful paragraph written by Linda Kohanov in her Eponaquest News.

It really hit home and made such an impression that I felt that I wanted to share it here!

As many people know, I do not view our horses as service animals or 'beasts of burden' here to provide me with whatever I need or desire! None of our animals are viewed in this way. There are no 'wasting in the paddock" or "paddock ornaments' in any way shape or form - to me this is totally disrespectful!

Our horses (all 11 of them) are valued as close family, wonderful loving friends and the most outstanding teachers of life, awareness of present moments, as well as compassion and respect!!!!!

This has been a year of many ups and downs but rather than focusing on the tumultuous events that has encompassed so many emotions, the view is more upon the growth and expansion that came with these same and more of these same events.

In August of this year, one of these intense experiences of extreme pain as well as a shocking loss was our treasured and young (only 6yrs) Thoroughbred boy Phoenix suddenly and unexpectedly passing from an unknown but obviously very toxic circumstance that took him within 24 hours, even with veterinary assistance. As a dedicated and avid animal lover and guardian, this shook me to the very core, but it also taught me much about the people who are so deeply in my life, when I was capable of viewing all that occurred through a clearer perspective.

What I needed at this precise time of my life, was a stabilizer and a grounding force, someone on whom I could lean and depend upon. Individuals with whom I could be totally open and vulnerable, with absolutely no judgement or opinion. Truly, this is a time where you can then ascertain who are genuine and authentic. And so, there was definitely the discovery of some amazing friends and hearts who didn't hesitate to rush to my aid - whether in person or in spirit and friendship!

So, with the commencement of the new year looming near, I have focused upon and then shared on facebook the absolute gratitude that I feel consistently with the amazing individuals that are in my life. This has not always been, so the appreciation of the quality of the friendships made are even more profound!

The following communication may explain just a little of how precious these people are. :-

From Eponaquest News written by Linda Kohanov :- "the feeling instead was of being held by a chain of hearts, strong links of affection and support no matter what the outcome. To know that your own heart may be ripped out of your chest at any moment, and there’s someone to catch it, that is friendship.

My friend and colleague Kathleen Barry Ingram calls this “holding the sacred space of possibility.” It’s an active form of patience unattached to outcome, allowing someone in a place of uncertainty to feel supported through the darkest night of the soul.

Until you hit this state of complete vulnerability, you really have no idea who you are, let alone who your true friends are."

2018 was a Numerological Universal Year of 11 which is about waking up to what is truly important, discernment and choice and the results of making choices. A year of great change and SEEING ourselves from a greater level of awareness or consciousness!

2019 means that we are in for a deeply creative, sensory & amazingly transformational year, so it is time to realise just what creative beings we are and how we can manifest the most beautiful experiences that our life has to offer.


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