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It all started with a statement that caught my attention and initiated me into some deep thought!

Funnily enough this statement was on one of the many movies of "Harry Potter"! Something along the lines of "we are heading for dark times and we need to decide what action to take - what is right, or what is easy"? Hmmmm, now that is a very good question and can be the catalyst for some amazing outcomes, however, this can also present a bit of a quandary as there are often so many differing opinions and perspectives as to what is 'right' and what is 'easy'!

For example, living this particular lifestyle on a farm property with the many 'chores' that are necessary and the variety of animals to care for is not particularly easy but it is most definitely right for my hearts desire!

Expanding my 'works' and developing my expertise in my chosen profession is also not easy but it is absolutely perfect for me and very very right!

See what I mean?

This then initiated another deep thought process along the lines of the power of our subconscious, survival brain and learned belief patterns!

This came about in the care of one of my hens who is under the weather after a non successful laying of an egg. Medicated water for the desire of addressing any infection, a bath and removal of the messy feathers and the advice of a vet as to what else I can do for her.

One piece of valuable advice from the vet was that I needed to syringe another form of medication into her beak in the hopes that this will also help her deal with infection and therefore initiate her wanting to eat.

What has this got to do with subconscious and belief patterns I hear you ask?

Have you ever said no before even thinking that it could be a possible yes?

Have you ever believed that you can't before you have even considered that you can?

Have you ever decided that this was too difficult and that you weren't capable, even before you contemplated what it would take to just try?

All of those considerations and questions came automatically into my mind, when it came to this hen and my ability to do the task of medicating her without assistance. Now this may not seem much but for this little girl it could mean the difference between the possibility of recovery or not!

So this is where priorities need to be accessed and how not doing what was needed going to ultimately affect me as the main care giver.

Was it dangerous? No!

Was it going to hurt or injure me? No!

Would I feel good about continuing along this line of thinking? Absolutely not!

What would be the next step and as this was weighing on my mind I decided to at least give it a go.

How often do we stop ourselves before we even start? THAT is the power of our sabotaging belief patterns. We don't even allow ourselves to believe that we may just be successful. We stand at the door looking out, imagining all of the not so good things that could be coming our way. We ask ourselves the 'what ifs'!

What if we let ourselves down! What if what we want doesn't happen! What if we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or rich enough to be viewed as worthy!

In this particular situation the questions I asked of myself were :-

What was the worse thing that could happen?

What if I wasn't successful and caused my hen an issue if not done correctly?

How would I feel if I didn't 'pull on my big girl pants' and just try? Why was I stopping myself before I had even started?

Because I was allowing FEAR to have a hold over me is the ultimate answer!

That is what stops us in our tracks and what is the opposite to fear? In my mind there are two answers - love and courage!

So you know what....... I allowed both of those answers to win out!

If I don't do anything, my hen will probably pass away BUT if I do 'suck it up' and do what I can to help her, maybe just maybe she will come through.

My love for life and the quality of won through and so did courage.

I picked up the syringe and the medication as well as my determination and guess what .......

it all went smoothly and well! I did what I was instructed to do and she opened her beak and down the medication went without any stress, to her or me! And then I celebrated. Not because she has recovered - there's a way to go for that outcome - but I celebrated because I WON!

In fact it is a WIN WIN situation. I won in recognising what was the most important thing to me and didn't let anything stop me from walking that path, and my hen won by receiving the medication that may help her in her recovery.

For me it is about BEING the best that I can BE, and DOING the best that I can DO even in the face of the fear element. Of course this wasn't a dangerous situation so the choice was whether to let the fear stop me in my actions.

Another important thing to remember is, no matter your ultimate decision - make peace with it and don't beat yourself up. If you can live with what you have decided, then the world is yours to discover. If you are going to feel bad about not doing whatever, then DO IT! And if you are going to feel bad by doing it wrong, then DO IT ANYWAY!

As long as you are not putting yourself or another in danger or causing injury, then it becomes a matter of questioning yourself as to what you may be gaining in your action or non action.

Decide whether it is best to give it a go or not, and then perhaps determine the reasons why you came to this conclusion!

Just giving yourself permission to experience this process; work out the priority of what really matters; work through it; and then carry on the adventure can be the beginning of spreading those beautiful wings of who you really are.


My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my passion has always been focused upon assisting in the discovery of a gentle release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As is in most cases, things shift, change and grow and the journey that I now share with others has transcended beyond being just about addressing the physical pains and discomforts that we all experience at times.

It now includes the reconnecting to the simplicity of our true authentic being, initiating those marvelous healing processes that are much more achievable as well as sustainable.

I created Maggie's Farm to be a safe haven for all in encouraging the processes of varied manners of healing and the transformation that follows. ​

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep and loving connection with animals and it is now that I am more able to combine my specialized practitioner and empowerment skills with the intuitive and instinctive healing expertise of my animal family. All of our workshops, courses, retreats and connections revolve around healing and making life a much better experience, so Please join me to make for an unforgettable personal experience!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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