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The last few years have definitely highlighted many aspects that perhaps we would have never envisaged or dreamed of. Drought, fire, flood, plague, pandemic and then again flood - all creating much chaos, panic and in some cases.....intense judgement and condemnation.

And through these such encounters, greater awareness has been once again brought into the light displaying the best as well as the worst in the human, as it often does. How we receive through our individual lens determines how we will react or respond, and we may also have the propensity to be caught up and carried along with the turbulent tide of emotions rather than the much needed clarifying voice of reason.

With these adventures we have received a magnificent gift - an opportunity for a deeper awakening that can initiate in us becoming better and more empowered beings. However, more often than not this is not recognised due to the drama and traumatic chaos that can fill our particular life journey.

So we tend to place our focus, feelings and actions upon that which stands in front of us, or projected towards us, and as drama and chaos are extremely strong survival reactions, that is all that we see or recognise. Especially when it surrounds us from all avenues.

It is at these times that you can either go with the flow of that particular tide, OR make the decision to withstand the current. change direction and walk a different and more individual path.

Empowered or victim?

What the hell does that mean?

Let me give you my understanding....

EMPOWERED is the tree (and the spirit within) that naturally grows its roots deeply and wide spread into Mother Nature to be nourished, nurtured and stabilized in its foundation - withstanding and enduring all manners of storm and weather.

The tree remains unconcerned, uncaring and indifferent as to whether it will be recognised and admired, or judged and found undesired. It remains true to it's nature and purpose as an individual standing in its own stability and growth; whether it appears alone or in a community of a forest.

It will release the branches, leaves and bark that no longer serves its well being and health, permitting the tree in its continuation of growth and expansion with each encounter of rain, wind and sun.

Its connection to its source is imperative and if compromised in any way, the outcome may not be enjoyable but perhaps a necessary one encounter for greater growth.

VICTIM is the leaf that detaches from the extended branch of the tree and is less of an individual, but instead tends to blend in with its community and surroundings.

Once disconnected from its source, it quickly becomes more dependent upon the whim of its external environment and circumstances.

Once nurtured and protected by its foundation, it now has no 'control' or decision as to its direction or where it will land. In fact, it can be blown or moved from 'pillar to post', depending upon what the environment determines!

When we are ready to view our own situation, we are more able to recognise that our choices and decisions holds the ability to make the 'tree or leaf' experience easy or difficult and it is the disconnection/connection from source that can make for a problematic or harmonious journey.

No one really wants to be a victim and it isn't until we are open enough to recognise our conditioned reactions and responses that we can finally make the necessary adjustments. This takes acknowledgement, determination and a desire for change.

"What we don't acknowledge we cannot change!"

For me personally, becoming EMPOWERED is making the decision that 'what is', is in fact no longer life enhancing nor enjoyable and taking that step into your own individuality.

This means that you take the steps towards walking and moving on your your OWN path in YOUR power no matter what the external conditions are.

VICTIM is a condition that we all know something about and have experienced. It outlines that your life path and encounters are no longer travelled by you, nor are they yours to decide upon but instead are determined and dictated by outside occurrences and connections! We have in reality given our 'power' over to another.

It is no wonder that we are not happy nor thriving when in this state!

It is sometimes a more constructive personal decision that, in order to learn how to step onto your own path, you may need to follow another's guidance/control. Or better yet, dance to another's tune, so that you may gain the wisdom, skill and ultimately the strength to finally move onto where you have a greater desire to travel.

When you finally accomplish that part of your individual journey, it is here that you need to take the time to rejoice that you are now able to begin dancing to your own music!

You just need to make peace with the decision of -

What path would you prefer to embark upon and LIVE - the TREE or the LEAF?

In truth, this is your life, your journey, and your choice!


Hi there.

My name is Virginia Ede and I just love what I do. There is always deep gratification as well as appreciation in assisting other beings live this beautiful life fully…with passion and meaning.

I believe that any healing journey is so much more powerful when offered in a warm, compassionate and supportive environment, so I created Maggie's Farm Sanctuary where support and assistance is provided to those who desire deep healing as well as acceptance.

Anyone struggling with life stressors, pain or trauma can benefit from a space to share their concerns without judgement or discrimination.

Providing a safe healing haven with various wonderful gentle healing tools invites you to join me in returning to balance, harmony and inner (and outer) well being. Always available for you is a supportive shoulder, a listening ear and steady hand in guidance.

I invite you to join me, leaving your worries, stresses and concerns at my gate and begin your journey to healing and a happier life.

I look forward to connecting with - Phone 0414 696355

or email me on

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