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There are those of us who are focused upon creating a better, healthier and happier way of being and through experiential workshops, there are opportunities in which we may participate in enjoyable encounters that encourage, inspire and motivate.

This 2024 year (which is an 8, an empowered year in numerology) is a year that focuses upon creativity, self-expression, and soul transformation. A year of further growth and expansion in many areas of our lives.

Creativity in my personal experience comes in the form of developing ways to promote enhancement of positive life experiences and expressions, rather than walking the pathways of self disparagement and victim-hood.

I have discovered over the years and with the assistance and guidance of my animal family, that working WITH our animals, especially our horses, holds the capability to change, or better yet, actively transform mindset, self talk, limited perspectives, damaging belief systems and overall long term conditioning to a much healthier and happier life journey. This encompasses a deeper engagement to an improved way of living, which includes empathy, non judgement, understanding as well as compassion; rather than following the enticement of singular minded ego and fear initiated emotions and actions that can be very damaging and detrimental to our well being and health.

In our world, behaviour is a strong focal point and more often than not, we are judged and usually found lacking.

In the animal world, it is not our behaviour that is questioned and blamed but the animal's. After all, it is a lot easier to place responsibility of behaviour upon a being that cannot really defend itself or argue with the human intellect.

In order for us to grow and expand positively, working with the horses encourages us to see the reality of what is occurring around us and make the necessary changes that will further enhance our own life journey.

The workshops that are being conducted through Maggie's Farm, and the new workshops currently in creation, ("Finding Our Peace") are designed to be very distinctive in the way that we make sense of how we view ourselves, as well as how we interact with others on a daily basis.

We, Zoe, Mandy and I, involved in the development of these newer series of workshops, come from a holistic background and our working WITH the horse as partner and teacher, is about considering what would be our experience and learning if we are the horse. We don't view animals as being here to specifically serve our desires, but instead are our partners in life and they inspire us to become more mindful, more present, more understanding and definitely more respectful.

We share the deeper connections and relationship building aspects that are not only about ensuring that the horse feels safe and understood in partnership, but that we feel the same while we are expanding into a better way of thinking and feeling.

Finding peace within is what we are all searching for, whether we realise it or not, and our priority, in collaboration with the horse, is about promoting and enhancing our sense of authentic self (rather than what others may want to see); discovery of our true life's path and most importantly elevating our natural state of well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Encouragement and support is always in a nurturing, safe and supportive environment, to develop a more genuine understanding and connection with the self through the guidance and language of the horse and introducing these series of workshops are designed to develop a happier way of being in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The horse demands it.

It truly is time to leave behind survival and existence and enter into empowerment and enjoyment and that is what these workshops are intended to initiate.



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