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Life can definitely be the most complicated and many faceted jigsaw puzzle that takes so much concentration to try and work out where the pieces are meant to go and what the end picture will look like.

What we tend to forget is that we have a HUGE input into that specific jigsaw and how it will turn out.

In fact, there will always be many jigsaw puzzles throughout life's amazing journeys, so do we make them survival games? OR do we decide to 'go with the flow' and follow the path that presents itself to us with anticipation and a sense of adventure?

And what do we do when those deflating 'what ifs' begin to intrude into our experience? Do we permit those puzzle pieces to become the instruments of torture propelling us onto an emotional runaway train, careering out of control!

Or can we prepare ourselves for the opportunities of the most beautiful and rewarding adventure that is the catalyst for us to finally come out of ourselves and be the amazing individual that we really are!

Now when talking about a puzzle or adventure, I am actually referring to those encounters in 'life' that we all experience and how we react/respond, which dictates the final outcome. Do we make it a complicated puzzle or an adventure that can be enjoyed? Do we initiate feelings of needing survival skills?

Or are we able to introduce having the attitude that we are always ready to work with (and not against) whatever 'challenges' come our way.

The shift in creating the most beautiful and joyful picture, or the other, is when we finally recognise and embrace that we are the manifest specialists who are more than capable of creating, chopping and changing and ultimately designing the most amazing intricacies that ends up with a spectacular end product that is always evolving - US!

Experiencing change and even more profoundly - transformation - can often feel to be a very rocky pathway and we all too frequently believe that we are totally alone as well as unprepared. This will ultimately determine whether we are brave enough to begin this journey, or perhaps remain on our own complacent and uncomfortable 'rock'!

Better the rock that we know than the one we don't!

It is for these reasons that my Maggie's Farm Sanctuary was ultimately created.

To provide support, guidance, compassion as well as a way of knowing that we are not alone.

Women's Circles, Transformation and Connection workshops, a haven for de-stressing, detoxing and finding out that there is more to LIFE than what has previously been encountered, all make this space a safe haven for all who desire it.

In fact, now it has become even more important as well as courageous to actually step out of hiding who we are in a world that is no longer recognizable! With what is provided and offered here at Maggie's Farm, there are a multitude of ways, means and very simple skills that can be put into place that provides many open doors to an enjoyable and definable life journey.

Following IN-tuition is a beginning. As is not losing that part of ourselves that focuses upon trusting that all things will flow with synchronicity, inclusive of a need to not take ourselves too seriously. Humour is the most wonderful way to heal whatever ails and encourages those feel good hormones to flow and flourish!

If we perceive each and every day as our own delicious opportunity to paint our most amazing and colourful life canvas, then we have begun shifting our complex jigsaw puzzle into our own most beautiful and powerful masterpiece!

In fact, the beginning, middle and frame of our own individual masterpiece is about owning and thoroughly embracing who we are ...... REALLY!

Here's our recipe.......

We are different and absolutely spectacular in that difference.

We are an individual with an honest heart and a loving spirit.

Perhaps we are tuned into a different and higher frequency to others.

We actually think and feel differently and desire to no longer have superficial conversations but are more interested in the stuff that matters, whatever that may be.

We are no longer compromising our true beliefs in order to fit in and are done holding ourselves back.

We are ready to walk our own path, even when others may judge us unkindly.

It’s actually perfectly fine if our 'friends and family' don’t understand us - remember.... we are different and beautifully so.

It is perfectly okay if we discover that the world judges and disregards us.

We rejoice in the fact that we prefer to walk barefoot upon Mother Earth and gaze at the stars, rather than play manipulation and judgement games.

These are all truly beautiful and the more we step into our true selves, the more we will realise not only how far we have come but also how far we are willing to go.

Owning it, walking tall and becoming the best version of ourself is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and the rest of this wonderful world of ours.

YOU are seen and congratulated and if you desire to move more deeply into this incredible space that is indeed the most inspiring jigsaw of life, it is my absolute pleasure to encourage, nurture and shine the light your way.


Hi there. My name is Virginia Ede and I just LOVE what I do.

There is always deep gratification as well as appreciation in assisting other beings live this beautiful life fully…with passion and meaning.

I believe that any healing journey is so much more powerful when offered in a warm, compassionate and supportive environment, so I created Maggie's Farm Sanctuary where support and assistance is provided to those who desire deep healing as well as acceptance.

Anyone struggling with life stressors, pain or trauma can benefit from a space to share their concerns without judgement or discrimination.

Providing a safe healing haven with various wonderful gentle healing tools invites you to join me in returning to balance, harmony and inner (and outer) well being.

Always available for you is a supportive shoulder, a listening ear and steady hand in guidance.

I invite you to join me, leaving your worries, stresses and concerns at my front gate so that you may begin your own and very individual journey to healing and a more enjoyable life.

I look forward to connecting with - Phone 0414 696355

or email me on

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