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It is always interesting when viewing how people and businesses market 'their stuff' and as a former promotional compere and public relations individual, I find it amazing how most of the marketing directions in the entrepreneurial world are so very focused upon money and how much you can make.

If you do this course, take this training, hire this individual or join this college/institute you could very soon become very wealthy!!!!

And yes these invitations can be very, very inviting - conjuring up visions of wealth and ease, however most of these visions are due to the belief that we don't view ourselves as having enough! That we are lacking in the things that we want and need, and no matter how true this may be connecting into these thoughts and beliefs are not going to necessarily take us on a magical carpet to all that we can envision and desire...... maybe sometimes but not always! I was having a wonderful chat yesterday with a lovely friend of mine and we were discussing how such invitations can cause us to doubt ourselves and our abilities IF we decide to take up one of these offers and do not succeed in creating that success and wealth!

Yes, some do however this could possibly mean that this is their path and they are following it. It truly comes down to what is for you; does it sit relatively comfortably with you (of course sometimes you do have to step out of your normal comfort zone but this is growth and expansion of you); are you just trying to fit in to a method that is actually not you?

All of these can be excellent questions to ask.

I once belonged to a company where the products were really good but the method of selling were bombastic, harsh and totally went against the grain for me and in order to get ahead, you had to really step into that mindset. I was relatively okay at it as my selling method was not to bully clients into buying but leaving it to their own desire, but I had to really go well and truly out of my comfort zone and I was terribly unhappy.

This is not where your true passion would direct you to and if you are extremely uncomfortable and unhappy, this is not what you are meant for - it's that simple. So many are doing work that keeps them in this state and it's a job that brings in the money. Not ideal but very normal. In fact, I have been there many times until I decided that I wanted to live my work not work to live! And it didn't happen in a hurry either, but all the lessons I acquired in these different jobs have served me well in my vocation now so it is never a wasted experience. Anyway, back those money generating adverts, when I see so much being promised especially in the financial terms, I personally tend to move away from them as, although money is a very important aspect in life as it helps us buy and do the things that we either need or desire, it is not the 'be all and end all' of success.

Yes, it may work for some and in those cases the promises can make sense. For me I finally discovered my passion and that is in healing, assisting, supporting and guiding others to live their life in the best way possible and by the way, I earn my $$$ from this path. That to me especially is 'placing the horse firmly in front of the so called cart'! Therein lies the difference! $$$ are not my number one focus but healing and empowerment is and that actually has the power and ability to generate more $$$ if and when needed. And for me, especially in my life and in my work, I am extremely wealthy, prosperous and abundant in all areas. So if you discover a path, an intention, a way of learning ....... something that makes you feel good and gives you inspiration - then go for it! In this matter your heart is speaking to you, telling you that this may be a part of the path that is FOR YOU! If it doesn't feel good to you and takes away from your confidence, your self esteem and most of all your self respect.... DON'T!

But if a door opens that makes you feel a little inquisitive, a touch excited and perhaps inspired, give it a try because if you don't you will always wonder what possibilities were available for you. A lovely old saying "What is for you will never go by you!" I must admit that this has served me well!


My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my dedication has always been focused upon assisting in the discovery of a gentle release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As is in most cases, things shift, change and grow and the journey that I now share with others has transcended beyond being just about addressing the physical pains and discomforts that we all experience at times.

It has become so much more than the physical and with this in mind, Maggie's Farm was created specifically to provide a safe healing haven for all.

All of my individual personal connections, workshops, courses, and retreats continue to revolve around healing, well being and most of all creating a life that is a much better experience, so Please join me to make for an unforgettable personal encounter!

Contact me on 0414 696355

or Email for your personal connection.

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