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LIFE - What is it all about.......really?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

LIFE Don’t over complicate it – keep it simple, unpretentious and authentic! Why do we always want to make things so complex, difficult and hard work? Conditioning and our hard wired survival reflexes!

There were times when you were just happy to sing, or laugh, or dance or just giggle uncontrollably at the silly things. That was your innocence before you took on other's opinions and judgements!

You were happy to be in the company of others for the sheer pleasure of simple friendship.

And it didn’t matter if you wore Versace, Jimmy Chu, drove a Porsche or worked as a powerful Executive! You were just being you and happy to be!

You were happy to see a sunset or sunrise and appreciate its beauty! Feeling the breeze on your cheek, or smelling the fragrance of a nearby flower on that breeze, just made life so very special.

You didn’t care if you had the best, the newest, the most expensive….. None of that mattered!

Just as long as you could get outside and appreciate all of those wonderful things that surrounded you.

That tall and beautiful tree that makes a sensational outline against the sky, a clear blue sky, and the delightful smell of fresh green grass or gently falling rain. Wearing your favourite pair of jeans with a colourful top was just perfect as well as comfortable.

Your days were so free and easy and enjoyable….. no heavy schedules, wishing for more time, more hours - you just enjoyed what you had! And can again!

It's about the decisions and choices that are made on a daily basis and they can be changed at any given moment!

Don’t forget that you are absolutely perfect in the beauty of a gentle heart and a compassionate soul.

You have a deep love of animals, of Mother Nature and the feel of soft grass beneath your bare feet as you stand appreciating your surroundings and those who share your appreciations.

You are truly in essence all that you need to be in this world of ours. Do not look outside of yourself to prove to others that you are of value.......of worth! You are!

There is nothing on this earth that makes you feel more alive than being totally and authentically yourself.

If you have forgotten then make it you mission to remember or discover and don’t over complicate it. Enjoying everything, finding a smile in all of the little things, and there comes a day where you will realise that all of those little things weren’t so little after all! THIS IS ME!

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