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Our Maggie's Farm Sanctuary began with this little smiley face being - Magnolia (Maggie) - named after the address of where we lived at the time.

Our little Staffie X Beagle girl who has been our ongoing inspiration of all of our continuing 'works' and creations.

But how has she been such an inspiration and motivation, you may ask?

Maggie's beginning to life on the NSW Central Coast was traumatic and brutal, however, she overcame such horrors to grow into the most loving, happy, mischievous and energetic girl who made us smile every single day. Who would not with that face?

Maggie chose us as her family and lived with us until she was 15yrs. Her amazing and never ending positive spirit remains with us in everything that we do to this day; and it is through her that we were motivated to not only provide a safe haven for the unwanted, forgotten and even brutalized beings, but to also provide healing opportunities and encounters to a better viewing of life and ways to achieve just that.

She showed us that our experiences and beginnings don't necessarily have to remain a detriment to the rest of our life! Our experiences don't need to determine who we are or who we may become.

It can be in times of chaos, trauma and disharmony in particular, that we are shown that we have the choice to rise above and move forward by finding opportunities in life to give and share love, share smiles and even laugh out loud.

What is needed in consideration and acknowledgment so that we may activate our SHINE:-

> Complaining, blaming and judgement are not feel good emotions, even though they may give short term release and relief by deflecting our focus from ourselves on to others!

> Fear is an extremely strong emotion that requires to have a shot term experience so that a closer look is taken at what has initiated our survival response. It is with this intention that a required course of action can be determined and acted upon, releasing the need to hold on to that fear. It becomes a purely 'pay closer attention' signal.

> Beliefs are very personal experiences and cannot be changed by another, no matter hard they try, unless of course we CHOOSE to make that change. Only we have the right and capability in making the decision to shift our thoughts, perspectives, opinions and beliefs.

It was Maggie's courage and total love of life that healed her, and in turn us!

Through her joy in living she became a catalyst for a wonderful vision and through her inspiration, she continues to show us how we may experience a better and happier way of being.

Now, can be your time to truly shine and BE the reason for others to find their own way by you following yours -

Are you ready to SHINE. Why not BEcome a BEACON of positive light and a leader by example.


My name is Virginia Ede and I do what I do because I find deep gratification as well as appreciation in assisting other beings live this beautiful life fully…with passion and meaning.

Throughout most of my life, I have been dedicated in providing therapeutic assistance through the avenues of Natural Therapies.

I believe that any healing journey is so much more powerful when offered in a warm, compassionate and supportive environment, so I chose to create Maggie's Farm and follow my calling to be of support and assistance to those who desire deep healing as well as acceptance.

Anyone struggling with life stressors, pain or trauma can benefit from a space to share their concerns without judgement or discrimination.

Equipped with a variety of wonderful healing skills and tools allows me to be of true assistance to those who seek a supportive shoulder as well as a safe environment to come back to themselves.

With this in mind, I very much look forward to connecting with you and sharing an unforgettable personal encounter!

To connect with me - 0414 696355

or for your personal connection.s

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