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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

LIFE is not only a journey of which there are many experiences that are educational, some traumatic and affect us deeply, but also an adventure that can bring us deep enlightenment, greater awareness and ultimately happiness, if not joy.

It depends upon how we approach and receive our encounters as to whether we resist the learning and the growth; OR persist with accepting the ultimate expansion and development of our character.

Now that is a pretty big statement but let me elaborate.

Dependent upon our history, experiences and the baggage that we have yet to discard, our perspective and viewpoint may be a tad out of alignment or balance. How we view our encounters and 'reality' come - like a film projector - through the lens of what has occurred before and can definitely colour the 'reality' of what is occurring for us now. And of course, there is also the determination of whether we choose to recognise this occurrence, or whether the decision is made to totally discount all.

A good example is this current environment that is colouring not just our experiences, but the entire globe - an awareness that comes to us thanks to the media and world wide web.

With this situation in particular, there are those of us who, having perhaps experienced many hardships and traumas, may view our current 'reality' with fear and great caution.

There are also those whose experiences in life perhaps have been more sheltered and nurtured but who may also experience fear and trepidation.

And then there are those whose experiences, although difficult and often traumatic, have taken on the perspective that it is better to persist through the stresses and traumas;

discard and heal past situations that no longer serve them; and take the necessary steps that move them towards utilising their experiences and encounters in strengthening their endeavours, deepening their wisdom whilst expanding their knowledge and awareness.

Now in truth, There is NO right or wrong in either approaches - just a measure of the path that is walked by each individual!

NOTE : One thing that through my life history I have learned is to not view things as problems or challenges. Words and thoughts holds much energy and so instead I choose to view challenges as adventures and problems as opportunities and it serves me well.

Yes, I still encounter those particular adventures and opportunities but I make every effort to not pose a resistance as it only prolongs the pain and the length of the experience, whilst hindering the expansion.

I have learned that resistance to an 'obstacle' only produces the experience of perhaps becoming a victim to that situation. It is instead so much better to embrace or accept the factor that it has appeared and then adapt to finding a solution in whatever ways that may present.

"What you resist, persists!" So what happens when you persist?

“Persistence wears down resistance.” Love it!

Rather than pushing a boulder up hill, it is more preferable to respond in a way that water acts - accept the change and adapt to a better way of being.

Yes, it sounds easier than it is and that is where persistence and determination come in.

It’s never too late to shift into a way of being that compliments the way that is way more preferable in how life is to be experienced.

In our experiences, there are those who state that life is easy and then there are those who state that life is difficult and painful.

HISTORY - In truth, my earlier life - or better described - my existence/survival experience was on the side of difficult and painful. There was that viewpoint that, in order to get anywhere, I HAD to push that large rock up a very steep hill and wondered why I was always growing tired and actually not really getting anywhere but further down that hill!

I didn't really know that there was another way...... a better way until I made the decision to find that better way. And so I began looking and finding ways and individuals who could assist me on that particular journey of being me!

Were you aware that YOU are the creator of your destiny, as you are the one who decides what to do with the thoughts, feelings and actions that you take on a daily basis.

Our experiences can change when we decide what to focus our energy on, with the intention of what we want to do, see and create with this rare and precious life that we have.

FURTHER - It is NOT selfish if you begin to ask the questions -

"What would make me happy and feel more worthy?"

"What do I need to ensure that my life becomes precious and good?"

"How can I make my life better and more enjoyable?"

Not silly questions. In fact, it's like taking a long time blindfold off so that you can finally see your path instead of being guided where others are leading you.

Let me give you my analogy that was 'given' to me -

SELFISH is what you are told WHEN you are not performing the tasks or in the manner

that serves another!

SELF - ISH (of the self) is when you are ensuring that you are nourishing your heart, your being and your spirit so that as you begin to become okay, then you have the energy and ways of ensuring those in your life will be okay too.

Which one would you prefer? And yes, it takes not only persistence and determination to walk that particular YOU path but also courage in developing your self esteem, self respect and self worth! A definite worthwhile journey that serves not only you but also your family, your friends as well as your community.

You deserve to have and be everything that you desire.

As 'Abraham' states ' this is a Universe of inclusion, NOT exclusion!' You don't need to be a victim to your experiences, history or trauma! You have the ability to become the most amazing creator of a life that is truly beautiful, precious and a unique destiny that can enc0mpass many miracles.

Do not settle for less than. Do not give up, give in or stop dreaming. Colour your world with as many vibrant colours that you can and you will be amazed just how wonderful each experience becomes and how many beautiful individuals who will be drawn to you. This in essence is LIFE!

So..... do you resist...... or PERSIST?

Namaste - "The Divinity within me perceives and adores the Divinity within you."


Hello - my name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my intention has always been upon assisting in the gentle release and relief from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As things change and grow, my purpose has become so much more than the physical and my Maggie's Farm Sanctuary has morphed into a safe healing haven for all.

A variety of healing approaches that involve not only beautiful healing therapies but also development and lifestyle workshops, courses, and retreats as well as empowerment and trauma release are included.

I very much look forward to connecting with you and sharing an unforgettable personal encounter!

Contact me on 0414 696355

or Email for your personal connection.

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