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It is truly amazing what occurs in our life and happens around us and most of the time us humans can be so caught up in "Stuff" that we may not even realise what is transforming within our experiences.

But THIS time we cannot but help notice - the Universe made sure of it!

We have experienced lack of rain for extremely long periods, which is unusual for us coastal suburbs. Then we had a LOT of rain which was regarded, enjoyed and then negated as TOO MUCH wet. Not for us on farm land that depends upon water for most of life!

THEN we had the devastation of fires across most of this beautiful country of ours - Australia. In both circumstances we Aussies pulled together (as we do) to support and assist our fellow 'mates' who were perhaps less fortunate than us in these experiences.

And following on from these 'disasters' comes a world wide 'virus' that has cities, countries and people SHUT DOWN, SOCIAL DISTANCING and STAYING ISOLATED~

So much fear, panic, mania, anxiety and distress emanating and affecting our mental, emotional and physical landscape and responses!

What the?????

And then a question or a set of questions were asked that got my spirit engaged!

Looking at individual experiences and the issues of businesses needing to change, shift and re-calibrate, there have been massive disruptions, extreme fear and panic and the human in general no longer caring for and supporting others less fortunate but seemingly being only for self and their needs! By no means attractive or enjoyable for anyone!

Questions raised that peaked my interest - "Pre lockdown and what was considered the normal state of existence. What have you lost you want to have again? The current normal (Transition) What have you gained you want to keep? The future normal (creation and change). How can you craft a life that combines the two?"

I really didn't haven't to THINK about this at all as the words just came pouring out as it tends to do when 'spirit' or the 'soul' wants its voice to be heard.

And so here it is.......

Through all that has been transpiring in our country and in fact around the globe, I truly consider myself immensely blessed as, in answer to the first question, I haven't really lost anything. Not really!

What was considered the norm for so very long by society and community has never been my normal - even though as a young adult I tried so very hard to fit in with that same "normal" but never felt at all happy with it!

Now living on our Maggies farm surrounded by the beauty of our Mother and her animal kingdom, and appreciating all that is included with this, I have remained at peace whilst watching the hubbub and chaos that has been transpiring din the outer world.

In answer to the 2nd question - What I have gained is much!

I have gained greater perspective, deeper awareness and appreciation and through the solitude (not really) of 'self isolation', a greater recognition and discernment of the path that I am following has become more deeply entrenched in my psyche!

My 'business/career' is actually an extension of my life and who I am - that I now truly recognise and acknowledge,


and with this firmly in my heart and soul, the road that I am continuing to travel is working more deeply in assisting others to realise their own path and grow more empowered in their authenticity.

On this life journey, one recent destination (amongst the many) is achieving completion and graduation in Empowerment Coaching certification and the next part of the journey is gaining greater understanding of Trauma and its release within the body. All embodied in the path that I walk with my animal family.

It's never about the destination but awareness and enjoyment of the journey! This becomes the greater realization.

In answer to the 3rd question - Nothing really lost and much gained - The future remains as powerful as the present and the past as the education is deep and transformational.

What is this all about? Is it indeed transformation or just mere confusion and chaos.

For me, this whole encounter is :- Transition, change, metamorphosis, transformation and blossoming from one form into another - if only you are willing to go through the processes with acceptance and adaption rather than the resistance that is normal within any kind of shift or growth!

Like the butterfly that transforms from one reality through discomfort and enclosure into something that is completely different. From being impeded upon the ground to the amazing ability of being able to fly!

Which one would you prefer? What was or what is to become? It really is up to you!


Introducing myself - My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my passion has always been focused upon assisting in the discovery of a gentle release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As is in most cases, things shift, change and grow and the journey that I now share with others has transcended beyond being just about addressing the physical pains and discomforts that we all experience at times,

It now includes the reconnecting to the simplicity of our true authentic being, initiating those marvelous healing processes that are much more achievable as well as sustainable.

I created Maggie's Farm to be a safe haven that encourages the processes of all manners of healing and the transformation that follows. ​

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep and loving connection with animals and it is now that I am more able to combine my specialised practitioner skills with the intuitive and instinctive healing expertise of my animal family.

Please join me for an unforgettable personal experience!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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