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The beautiful Charinda - such a treasure


My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my passion has always been focused upon assisting people to discover a release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of gentle modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.


And for a while this was enough….. until now! 


With the combination of Ambience Wellness Centre (my original business) with my more recent creation Maggies Farm Sanctuary, a new more brilliant journey has begun and is one that I have a huge desire to share with others.


It is no longer just about the physical pains and discomforts that we experience, often on a daily basis, but so much more.


It is the reconnecting to the simplicity of our true authentic being, initiating healing processes that are amazing and much more sustainable.


Change and expansion can be difficult sometimes, but then what I have created at Maggies Farm is a safe haven that enriches the processes of transformation as well as welcomes you to recognise and accept the precious being that you already are.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep and loving  connection with animals and it is now, with the creation of Maggies Farm, that I am able to combine my specialised practitioner skills with the intuitive and instinctive expertise of my animal family.


I would LOVE for you to join me on a wonderful journey of HEALING, CONNECTION, EMPOWERMENT and INSPIRATION!

Maggies Farm came into creation through the powerful inspiration and all-encompassing loving relationship with a very special being (our remarkable Staffie X Beagle, Magnolia) who shared with us an outstanding, happy and fulfilling life for many years.

Introducing Maggie  - The girl with a 'million' names


At the tender age of about 4 mths our Maggie made the news in our local Central Coast Advocate newspaper in the narrative of the very horror of what actions some humans are capable of!


This precious young innocent was tied, for whatever unknown reason, to the back of a car and dragged through the streets of Woy Woy on the NSW Central Coast. And if that was not torturous enough, she was left bloodied and badly injured at a local waste disposal depot to succumb to her fate.


Fortunately she was discovered by a depot employee who thankfully reported her discovery to the local Pound.  Her injuries and condition being beyond their capabilities, her battered and almost broken body was delivered to our neighbouring Veterinary Clinic.


With very little calcium in her malnourished body and coping with a serious mange condition as well as her horrendous injuries, this awesome little being not only survived outrageous odds, but did more than that......she flourished.


She never stopped living her life to the absolute fullest and never gave up or gave in. She just went about her life with a joy that is not very often seen or experienced....especially after the toughest of starts!


Maggie graced us with her absolute joy and zest for life for almost 15 years.  So much so that she became our inspiration (and continues to do so) for Maggies Farm Sanctuary – a very apt name for the sanctuary that she pioneered.


She absolutely loved and embraced her place on this earth and so carries on the inspiration that she initiated into full bloom!


The creation and development of this sanctuary was to not only ‘give back’ to Maggie and all of those amazing souls who shared their lives with us over the years, providing a safe and protective haven; but to also offer the opportunity for others to encounter the healing and restorative powers that can be experienced here! 

Your Freedom from pain, discomfort, anxiety and stress is only a phone call away!

​We look forward to seeing you at

Maggie's Farm - ‘Home for the Expendables’ -

not a rescue facility but a haven for the animals that have been rescued!

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“"I visited Virginia for a Bowen session when I could hardly walk.

After just one session the pain was gone, I could stand up straight and could smile for the first time in a week.

Virginia has a certain touch, which is relaxing and gentle yet very effective.

Visiting Virginia is always a pleasant experience.”

Sarah M - NSW Central Coast

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“If it weren't for Ellie's Bowen treatment every few weeks she wouldn’t have the quality of life that she has at this time.


I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing her results, I am totally convinced that she lasted the years that she did because of Bowen.”

Deb W - NSW Central Coast

“Not only did Virginia’s Bowen Therapy help to heal our dog, she also offered such wonderful advise during a very stressful time.

I am truly grateful for Virginia’s work and would recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone who is in need of pain relief”

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