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I am extremely passionate about the 'work' that I employ and the skills I have acquired over the years although varied are also extremely specific in the attention that is focused upon my clients.  It is always my intention to assist you AND/or your animals, when you are experiencing pain, discomfort, stress, injury and overall imbalance, in order for you to experience release and relief and begin living a life that is one of freedom from limitation.  

Life to me is meant to be experienced fully and with enjoyment, and it always provides me with great pleasure in facilitating that journey for you towards a more harmonious way of living, in whatever way I am able.


Bowen Testimonial

"Virginia's magic hands leave me with an amazing feeling of wellbeing and knotted muscles free ..


I had no idea how many fine muscles would need mending following a recent hip replacement and the speed which my muscles recuperated was due to the work of Virginia and her healing hands.


Virginia has an uncanny sense of the muscles needing release and her application of Bowen therapy is gentle and efficient.

Mandy - Dooralong 


​You're in pain! Your body is aching!  Headaches just keep on happening! 

Your neck is tight and your shoulders are screaming!

Arthritic discomfort just makes each day more difficult to get through! 

Stress and anxiety gets you down!  And your body is consistently crying out for relief!

How can this therapy help you? 

Well if you are like me, when you are in pain you really don't want to experience more pain.

Through the gentle moves of Bowen Therapy, I can ease your pain, relieve your stress, lower your adrenals (flight and fight hormones) and increase your endorphins (your relaxation). 


By the end of your treatment, relaxation should be setting in and the tension and pain in your body dissipating.  Dependent upon your specific situation, how long you've had your issue (chronic or acute) and how your body responds will determine the length of time you can experience your relief and how often you may require treatment (if any more is needed that is).

How can this happen?

Muscles and soft tissues can often be overused and fatigued and these are then at risk of toxin build up.  The result can then lead to contraction, shortening, and drying out or tightness of the tissue, leading understandably to pain and if untreated will continue growing more complex and chronic!


Each point of the gentle touch of Bowen on the physical body has the innate ability to access the body’s systems, through the neural and fascial pathways sending communication ripples across the central nervous system, travelling throughout the body stimulating the process of making the required adjustments that assists in the re-balancing, release and relieving of tension and therefore reduction of pain.  


Further, this non invasive therapy actually hones in upon and addresses the cause of your distress and not just temporarily dulling the symptom.


​​From The Equus College of Learning and Research –

“Automatic Body Intelligence response – is an unconscious response to stimuli to gain holistic homeostasis in the body.”

Homeostasis is a natural state of balance within the body, that is, the internal processes of the body are always working towards maintaining stability under constant fluctuating environmental (eg, heat and cold) and psychological circumstances (emotional stress) and it is this state that Bowen Therapy is always assisting the body to return to when out of balance.

Simply said, a treatment with Bowen can address so many aspects of dis-ease and disharmony within the body, that it would be a reasonable and practical  decision to at least give it a try. 

After all, there is really nothing to lose except perhaps the pain, and personally I have witnessed many beautiful success stories in my years as a Bowen practitioner, that I cannot recommend this therapy highly enough!



Australia is one of the most unpolluted countries in the world and as such enjoys a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this energy, power and strength and for this reason the flower remedies are often very fast acting and exceptional in their success.

Not only do Australian plants possess great beauty, but they also have great strength and potency.

The knowledge and wisdom that is encased within each and every plant within our beautiful Australian bush can provide assistance in delivering emotional support and much needed clarity from within, as well as the courage, strength and commitment to pursue your hopes and dreams.

It may just take a small seemingly insignificant energetic response, like taking a flower essence, to finally unlock an emotional obstruction and become a catalyst for kicking things into motion, such as negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind being released and encouraging positive attitudes to flood their core. When this happens, the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissipated, balance is restored and true healing occurs.



Reiki is a beautiful and age old subtle energy method of truly natural healing based on the hands on application of Universal Life Force Energy.


Everything in the Universe is made up of, or is a component of energy and if you just imagine yourself as a transistor radio, the pocket kind, with an antenna that only reaches a very height,this is how some us receive data on a daily basis, both through personal communication, and vibrations from the atmosphere, that is, wind, rain, smells etc.


However, throughout the processes of Reiki attunements, OR the potent desire to move from ‘dullness’ into ‘awareness’, we can become a much stronger receiver of the information and vibrations that are continually transmitting throughout the Universe, energetically. 


A Reiki energetic treatment can bring about deep relaxation, assisting in the removal of energy blockages, assisting in detoxifying the system, providing new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increasing the vibrational frequency of the body, and animals especially respond beautifully to this gentle therapy.



Firstly - an invitation to you........from our hearts to yours -

"If you are feeling lost and alone, we are here to assist you........ often with the wisdom and aid of our horses..... and TOGETHER we will discover YOUR way back to YOU!"


Being empowered is the courage, wisdom and desire to be true to the authentic being that you truly are.  Speaking your truth, not only with conviction but with compassion and integrity!  Walking your own path when others may have other ideas, and listening to AND following that quiet inner voice that never leads you astray!  Admittedly, Not always easy.

Supporting you on your journey to empowerment and the resulting transformation is what we are all about!


Life and how we respond to it is the greatest of teachers and it all simply comes down to choices!  We can either walk the path of another's expectations or what may be considered duty, or we can finally awaken to the reality that we are only ever responsible for ourselves.  And yes......sometimes we can lose our way.  We can lose ourselves!


Change can be challenging and a little frightening, especially when you are not too sure which way to go and how to go about it.  Then there can be those occasions when we least expect, when a part of life that is expansive, character building, developmental of integrity, trust and wisdom will opportunely shove its magnificent presence in to your experience and create a whole different kind of dynamic!


Is this the time where you step into that life that you have always dreamed of?  Revealing that amazing woman that you are! Standing out from the crowd! Finally walking and living your truth as well as shining that beautiful light of yours out into this emotional and opinionated world of ours!

Why would you want to choose to be like everyone else? Why would you want to walk a well worn path to unhappiness, disappointment and frustration?  


What is an empowered woman you may ask!   She is YOU!  A woman who dares to be different; who dares to follow her own pathway to her heart's truth; who is  kind, compassionate and authentic when everyone else is a mere reflection.

We are here to support you and walk with you in your discovery of that beautiful individual woman that you are!


It's time for you to dare shine your light - not just shine it...... but embrace it, support it and be proud of who you are.


After all is all up to YOU!

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