Danny having a moment



 Health, Well Being and the Quality as well as the Enjoyment of Life holds high priority for me and the therapeutic skills that are available for you focuses upon the relief from pain and discomfort, relaxation and restoration of body harmony, as well as addressing the stresses of a way too fast and uncompromising world with a calm, restorative and gentle approach.   


 Maggies Farm Sanctuary came into creation through the inspiration and all-encompassing loving relationship with a very special being (our remarkable Staffie X Beagle, Magnolia) who shared with us many years of an outstanding, happy and fulfilling life. 


 The horse possesses the amazing ability to positively affect the human heart in the most encouraging and constructive of ways. They possess an uncanny and almost magical way of honing in on exactly what we need to feel safe and understood!  With very subtle transmission of signals we are encouraged, supported and are provided with the motivation to take the necessary steps forward to a more positive way of BEING as well as living in the moment.   It is through these approaches that we are able to experience deep healing, not only mentally and emotionally but also physically.



 Life-Changing Experiences Begin with a desire for discovery of just how to heal and live your life the way that you have always wanted to live!

If you have been bullied; lost your confidence; not living the life that makes you smile; doubt your own self worth and just want to connect with those who will understand you and share some simple, down to earth, fun interactive life skills, then there is the perfect workshop here just for you!