Health, Well Being and the Enjoyment of Life holds great priority to me and that can encompasses many varying pathways and approaches.  There are varying therapeutic skills available that result in relaxation, relief from pain and stress, as well as addressing the consequences of a way too fast and uncompromising world in a calm, soothing and gentle approach.   


 A horse’s heart has the ability to greatly affect the human heart in positive and emotional ways.  They transmit very subtle signals that encourage us, support us and provide us with the motivation to take the necessary steps forward to a more positive way of being as well s awareness. 

 Maggies Farm came into creation through the inspiration and all-encompassing loving relationship with a very special being (our remarkable Staffie X Beagle, Magnolia) who shared with us many years of an outstanding, happy and fulfilling life. 


 Life-Changing Experiences Can Begin Here

A balanced and grounded approach to life has been created, which initiates ways in which to walk your own life’s path with confidence, self esteem and a strength of purpose that you will not be swayed from. 

These are simple and fun interactive workshops that can be the greatest catalyst for life transformation.



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