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A filly in immense pain
Pain related tight muscles
Injury issue
Healing commences
Muscle release and venous flow increase


My story

12 months ago my yearling Arabian warmblood filly became very lame.

I couldn’t find any obvious injury site heat or swelling but it was obvious that the filly did not want to bear weight on her front leg.


I rang the vet and he was also worried that nothing obvious appeared wrong. It was a soft tissue injury and she was in pain so prescribed rest and pain relief with Bute.


After a few days there was no sign of improvement and Bubble (the filly) was still on Bute twice a day and seemed to be getting worse.


The vet was called again - still no answers maybe more rest and pain relief. After another week she was no better and I could see muscle wastage down her shoulder


Again, the vet came out and said the only thing to do was send her to Scone and see what they could do. The cost of this was out of my budget but it was clear that Bubble couldn’t go on as she was, so I made a decision that I would probably have to put her down. There was no guarantee that she would live a pain free life and as she was so young I couldn’t let her suffer.


That night I called my friend Steph Winwood and told her what I had decided. I was very upset but felt it was my only option. Steph suggested why not try Virginia and see if she can help. I was skeptical about a lot of alternate procedures, but I felt there was nothing to lose so I would try it.


Virginia and Steph came the next day and Virginia looked at the filly and began to weave her magic. She touched her very lightly in a few spots and stood back. Bubble showed great improvement. After about an hour of very peaceful non invasive therapy Bubble was bearing weight on her front leg. When Virginia left Bubble lay down and slept.


A week later Virginia came for a second visit - Bubble was off all of the Bute and gaining weight again. She was still lame but able to move about and happy to trot in her paddock. Virginia treated her again. The response again was an immediate improvement - again she lay down and slept a lot, but within a few days was no longer lame and was regaining muscle mass.  This after only two therapy sessions.


Now a year later Bubble is a very healthy 16hh two-year-old with loads of attitude and expressive ground covering movement.


I hope that others will look at the photos of my filly and realise what an amazing woman Virginia Ede is.

I recommend her to all my friends and when I have a student whose horse isn’t going as freely as it should I always give them her number.


Thank you,

Virginia you are amazing, and you changed a skeptic into a believer.


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Homeoastis begins
Increased healing and balance to initial injury
Second treatment results
A return to balance and harmony
How she looks now only after 2 treatmens

Always Making Health, Balance and Well Being the First Priority!

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"I can highly recommend Virginia as an excellent Bowen therapist . Over the past 12 years Virginia has treated myself and my husband and many of our dogs and horses.

She has shown an amazing connection to the animals. They absolutely adore her and there are many visual signs that the treatments have had effect during and after the work. The positive results are evident for a long time after.

I think Virginia has a gift of true empathy and understanding of beings in need of healing.

There are many examples I could give of the pain relief and health improvements, noteworthy was a treatment on my hand. I had been in pain and discomfort for over six months with a joint and I regained almost full use and mobility with one treatment.

I have no hesitations whatsoever in supporting Virginia with a positive testimonial. I wish her very well."

Tracy, NSW Upper Myall

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"I called Virginia to see if she could help my 14 yo Cavalier King Charles dog named Bella.

Bella had a very sore front right leg which I suspect was injured during a grooming treatment. I took her to see her vet (twice) and he felt it was just associated with arthritis and old age.

So Virginia did three Bowen treatments on Bella and she is running around like a two year old again. Even after the first treatment there was a great improvement.

Thank you so much Virginia for your knowledge, care and kindness that you showed in helping my beautiful Bella."

Liz, North Avoca

'Thank you Virginia'

"A heartfelt thank you for your knowledge and care of Mia, my Andalusia mare.

 Your Bowen approach dovetailed neatly into our fledgling rehabilitation programme and your sensitivity in such an unfamiliar therapy for me  remains much appreciated. So very pleased I found you!"


Mia and Eva

Highway Stables Pacific Highway Port Macquarie

"With just a gut feeling that something was not quite right with my boy's movement, I contacted Virginia who came to the house and confirmed that yes Quinn did have a very subtle problem.

With just one session things seemed improved and after the second session two weeks later there was a vast improvement.


Not only was I happy with his movement but Quinn himself was noticeably happier in himself to the point where he was so relaxed he slept totally soundly for a good three hours immediately after therapy. One more session, for my peace of mind really and Quinn and I are well pleased with everything.


Virginia is so gentle and Quinn didn't even know he was having therapy so all good. Quinn by the way is a six month old Leonberger puppy, weighing in at the moment at 40kgs.


I couldn't recommend Virginia highly enough and know I can contact her at any time in the future should the need arise.

Thank you so much Virginia from Quinn and Sheila xxx

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