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Our local members of the extended Maggies Family

Ambience Wellness Centre originated in 2005 with Maggies Farm birthing some years later from the desire to bring about the wonders of gentle therapeutic remedies in an environment that was a sanctuary for all who visit. 

The focus is always primarily upon physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual healing and restoration.  


Gentle Bowen Therapy moves
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My whole intention in these healing practices is to provide a wonderful yet gentle therapeutic experience for all who are searching for relief and release.  The restorative remedies such as Bowen Therapy/Bowen Technique, Reiki Therapy, Australian Bush Flower Essences as well as Empowerment coaching are available for you in a soothing and gentle approach.  The result is relaxation, relief from pain and stress as well as addressing the stressful consequences of a way too fast and uncompromising world. 


You are treated in a way that is totally customised for you as the individual that you are and every therapy/remedy is about addressing your WHOLE body, treating not just the presenting symptoms but the actual cause. 

Isn't it time for your overall wellbeing and repair to be viewed as an absolute priority whilst you actually enjoy and not suffer the experience?


The creation and development of this sanctuary was to not only ‘give back’ to Maggie and all of those amazing souls who shared their lives with us over the years, providing a safe and protective haven; but to also offer the opportunity for others to encounter the healing and restorative healing that can be experienced with just a little attention and lots of love!

Although we have moved from the NSW Central Coast onto acreage on the NSW Mid North Coast, I continue providing a mobile service to such areas as the Central Coast/Taree and surrounding areas on a weekly or necessity basis to assist my human and animal clientele in addressing pain and stress relief. 

You can find out more about Virginia's Services here

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