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After listening yesterday to the outstanding voice of Chris Mann singing "I Do It My Way" - which by the way just sends chills up my spine..... not the song but how he sings it....WOW..... I decided that today I would share the thoughts on doing it my ........or your way!

We all have our story, the one that we share with others to outline why we are who we are, why we do what we do and why we are where we are.

And this story has much energy attached to it. It is usually about our history and experiences and often, rather than being a story about life, it is a story that is more about our natural survival instincts and how we have moved through the existence of daily interactions over the years/decades with ourselves and others.

My story was one of growing up with just my mum, living in housing commission, and being shy ..... yes shy! Not having a lot of confidence in my self or my abilities, no real respect for who I was as an individual. Low self esteem, a sense of abandonment, no self worth and just wanting to be liked so that I could feel good about myself! That made me the perfect door mat and it was my choice or decision as I really didn't know any better. We just do what we need to do to survive.

Don't we all do that?

Look outside of ourselves for acceptance so that we can feel that we are part of something more and that we are of worth!

Not just an insignificant individual making our way through whatever we believe "life" is throwing at us.

We are naturally social beings who have a great need to be a part of what we may consider to be the 'whole'! What we don't actually realise is that we ARE the whole!

For some time now I have been on the most amazing, most confronting, challenging, provoking yet unbelievably powerful life changing journey, which had me stop seeing myself as less but as someone that is so much more!

Finally 'waking up' and taking total responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, words and actions and through these shifts, healing those supposed inadequacies within. That too was a choice and a decision that I made and it gave me the power to discover who I am authentically.

What we believe about ourselves occurs throughout our encounters as we grow and develop. We just soak it in, without filters, generally from others...... be it friends, family, society, community, education or the media.

We take it all on and it affects us deeply in how we "live" but the fact is it doesn't define who we really are inside!

And so you may say at this point...... Okay, it all sounds good but how in the hell do I do that? How do I accomplish getting to know who I am really and begin living my LIFE, doing it my way?

Well firstly I will state that it is not an easy journey! But it is the BEST journey!

A move towards a spiritual life .... of the spirit and definitely NOT 'Woo Woo' is as I describe - confronting, provoking, challenging, frustrating yet inspirational, motivating and it does take courage, determination and persistence to say the least.

It becomes your decision to actually move through what you believe yourself to be and getting to know who you are authentically, and it is the most worthwhile journey you will ever take.

You will need to take a good and honest look at yourself, step into full self responsibility, change your belief systems and begin to actually understand what LIFE is and not just existence. Life gives you creative power - not over others but for yourself and once you step upon this path, you cannot go back! Once you wake up and know, you cannot un-know!

Yes it can be scary but hasn't fear run your life for too long now?

And it isn't always fun and giggles! There are mornings that I get up and have to kick myself into gear in whatever ways work for me.

You see, we all have 'lived' to date through reactions, emotions and sabotaging thought patterns and beliefs, and our brains are naturally hard wired to survive, so it takes effort and persistence to refine, fine tune and ultimately re-pattern what was into what is for us individually!

The good..... no great thing is that you don't have to do it on your own. You don't need to 're-invent the wheel'. There are the most amazing avenues available for you to make your discovery and that can come in the form of books, inspirational leaders, coaches, mentors and people that wish only to assist you to become the best that you can be!

That's how I started! And this is where the internet can become a God-send rather than an irritation or an invite into rip-offs and scams!

I took my life experiences and decided to use them as knowledge and wisdom, compassion and empathy whilst helping others to do the same.

And that is also why I created Maggies Farm Sanctuary and trained in Bowen/Reiki Therapy, Equine Cat & Canine Muscle Release Therapy, Equine Assisted Interventions, Empowerment Coaching and now Trauma Release Therapy.

All have provided the most beautiful journey into inner and outer healing and an adventure in LIVING my life DOING IT MY WAY! And you can too!

Join me..... I would LOVE to assist you to do it your way and live your life to the fullest! It is such an amazing trip and the best adventure to embark upon!


Introducing myself - My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my passion has always been focused upon assisting in the discovery of a gentle release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As is in most cases, things shift, change and grow and the journey that I now share with others has transcended beyond being just about addressing the physical pains and discomforts that we all experience at times.

It now includes the reconnecting to the simplicity of our true authentic being, initiating those marvelous healing processes that are much more achievable as well as sustainable.

I created Maggie's Farm to be a safe haven that encourages the processes of all manners of healing and the transformation that follows. ​

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep and loving connection with animals and it is now that I am more able to combine my specialised practitioner skills with the intuitive and instinctive healing expertise of my animal family.

Please join me for an unforgettable personal experience!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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