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One of the most important aspects of the "works" that I am inspired to share with my community is particularly the education and awareness of the amazing nature as well as the strong spiritual connection that has the capacity to heal when it comes to horses.

This is such a prevailing condition that I came to call my herd of now 10, my Empowerment Specialists, as their ability and desire to assist people in their healing journeys comes so very naturally to them.

As it was explained to me by my dear and horse loving friend, it is actually in a horse's best interest to assist a human entering their environment to begin their healing journey.

As an extremely vigilant prey animal (as most prey animals are) whose safety is absolutely paramount, their normal survival response if not feeling safe would be to run - escape their current environment for a safer one. BUT as their lives with us means living in paddocks and acreage enclosures, it then becomes very difficult for them to escape to another area or region.

So when an individual/attendee/participant who may be resonating fear, anxiety, stress or even anger enters a horse's domain, it really does make sense for the horse/horses to make it their main objective to bring down and harmonize these high energy emotions, as only they can.

My wise Donahue was an expert in this area and being the natural herd leader, peace, confidence and assertiveness just emanated out of every part of his being. When he honed in on any one individual, they would immediately feel the honour of his very specialized attention.

With this in mind, since his recent departure over Rainbow Bridge, Donahue continues to share his compassion as well as his very concise wisdom, and so I share :-

FROM DONAHUE - I am horse Those who truly know me will treasure me, honour me and respect me. What I bring to your experience is unfathomable but you will know how precious I regard you when we connect. I am not here to be of service to you, I am here to be true to my nature and in that I do serve you but only on my terms. You cannot or will not break me as I cannot be broken. I am a free spirit with wings in which I fly when running across my fields. Come join me and together we will be free! Those who love me ….You are friend, you are often more than friend and when you hold me in your heart you will understand the power that we hold together, not apart! When you walk with me, you will walk the path of ecstasy and boldness and no one will know you any better than I. I feel your truth, your honesty and your vulnerability and it is these things that I value the most. Not what you portray to the world. How marvellous you are and I am at peace when we are together – soul to soul, spirit to spirit. That is when you understand me the best and for this I am hopeful. I hold wisdom, knowledge and courage and those I share with you willingly when you walk with me, beside me, holding my heart within yours. I am horse and in that I know you more deeply than you could ever guess and it is here that I pray that you will know me just as deeply. It is here, that I honour the time that we spend together and know that at this time we are truly one. I am horse and I remain true to my nature. I will show you the way if you are ready to come with me! I am horse!


Introducing myself - My name is Virginia Ede and over the years, since I began my Natural Therapies business back in 2005, my passion has always been focused upon assisting in the discovery of a gentle release from pain, stress, anxiety and other such physical issues through the means of non invasive modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Australian Bush Flowers.

As is in most cases, things shift, change and grow and the journey that I now share with others has transcended beyond being just about addressing the physical pains and discomforts that we all experience at times.

It now includes the reconnecting to the simplicity of our true authentic being, initiating those marvelous healing processes that are much more achievable as well as sustainable.

I created Maggie's Farm to be a safe haven for all in encouraging the processes of varied manners of healing and the transformation that follows. ​

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep and loving connection with animals and it is now that I am more able to combine my specialized practitioner and empowerment skills with the intuitive and instinctive healing expertise of my animal family.

Please join me to make for an unforgettable personal experience!

Contact me on 0414 696355 or Email

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