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We too often (sometimes daily) only focus on the things that are not going right in life. In fact, we tend to give it our full attention (sometimes unconsciously).

We think about it; we talk about it; we moan and groan about it; we complain about it and of course we discuss it with others. All the while giving it so much attention that it often fills our entire day and our thoughts.

It can become our main topic of conversation, and then of course there is the process of blame. Who, what and why contributed to our inability to achieve the heights of what we want in life.

Perhaps it is our education (or lack of), or our financial situation, or it's our family's fault or best blame of all, it's the governments fault. That's a good one!

BUT in essence..... this is not life - this is the perfect description of what it is to survive or exist, each day melting into the next with little to be joyous about, and much to be unhappy about.

We become so focused on what we don't have, that we tend to fight for, protect, control, guard and try to influence the situations that are NOT going our way, not understanding that as we are doing all of this focusing, it is continually feeding that very same outcome that we don't want!!

If we are continually staring at a stain in the carpet, then with so much focus on that stain we can actually stop seeing the beauty of the carpet and only end up seeing that stain.

However, whether it is believed it or not, the opportunity for good outcomes and invitations for wonderful experiences are flowing to us every single day. We may call them magic or miracles, but there are those individuals who have these experiences often, so why not us?

Were you aware that the receiving part of these 'good things' is totally up to us individually in our decision as to just how much we will allow ourselves to receive and experience. But our patterning and belief systems tend to put a stop to this. This can change!

If something is not working, it is important for us to realise that we need to stop squinting into the distance and wonder why it isn't coming into view. Instead, we can make a simple decision to shift the direction of our focus towards the view that makes us feel good, thereby intensifying the magnification upon that particular desired image.

It is not always easy to do this, as our world believes that most experiences are 'set in concrete' and cannot be changed. We just have to 'learn to live with it'!

This statement, in fact, does not have to be so as I can show you how this can actually be changed. So with this in mind, and with the desire to assist others, I have created a supportive environment of learning in how we can go about changing our LIFE experiences for the better in a down to earth 'spiritual' way.

So What does this mean?

I have walked the path of not feeling confident, lacking self esteem and not believing that I could be empowered in my own life, thinking that what was my current 'reality' was what I was stuck with.

It was through the questioning of my own unhappiness that I learned that 'normal' for me was more about conforming than actually living my life my way, and I would wonder why I never really felt fulfilled or happy in anything that I did.

So I began participating in 'positive thinking and spiritual (not religious) awareness' courses and creative workshops over the years that demonstrated to me that there was indeed so much more that I was capable of in the creation of my own life success and enjoyment. It is not our lot in being here to suffer!

Desiring to assist others in finding their own positive pathways has given me the inspiration in creating a program that initiates simple methods of discovering ways of living life to the fullest.

It can be described as finding how to 'shift the direction of your focus' and create a more unique and powerful way in expanding intuitive skills and developing a lifestyle that is conducively specific to you.

Further, it is the intention of this program to build confidence, esteem and an expansive vision as well as developing a journey that you feel more aligned to and best fits.

Discovering the right mindset, foundation and personal narrative that supports you in your own growth and that ultimately covers realising that you are incredibly powerful creative beings, whilst at the same time finding your individual strengths and strengthening personal values.

Each journey is unique and I can happily provide you with the tools, mentorship, experience and support to help you succeed and grow.

I will support you in the 'shifting of the direction of your focus' from not having or being enough towards the 'being that is truly amazing' and capable of creating a life that will 'make your heart sing'!

Are you ready to SHINE?


Hi there. My name is Virginia Ede and I just LOVE what I do.

There is always deep gratification as well as appreciation in assisting other beings live this beautiful life fully…with passion and meaning.

I believe that any healing journey is so much more powerful when offered in a warm, compassionate and supportive environment, so I created Maggie's Farm Sanctuary where support and assistance is provided to those who desire deep healing as well as acceptance.

Anyone struggling with life stressors, pain or trauma can benefit from a space to share their concerns without judgement or discrimination.

Providing a safe healing haven with various wonderful gentle healing tools invites you to join me in returning to balance, harmony and inner (and outer) well being. Always available for you is a supportive shoulder, a listening ear and steady hand in guidance.

I invite you to join me, leaving your worries, stresses and concerns at my gate and begin your journey to healing and a happier life.

I look forward to connecting with - Phone 0414 696355

or email me on

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